The Way is Forward …

… But what is forward? We live in a universe where this word is really quite a relative term. If I move from point A to point B, and point B is ahead of point A; then it’s reasonable to assume I am moving forward. But what if points A and B are arbitrarily named, and B is actually behind A? Do I still not move forward towards point B? What if I happen to be walking backwards? I am facing forward, walking backward … or am I facing backward while walking forward?

How about this: the Way is what it is; and every step we take, is a step along our path through life. Direction is a trivial and often confusing matter of perspective.

This, then, is my solution to the quandary many feel at having to write their first blog post. For me, it’s no quandary: from this post, I can go anywhere :-)  Introductions have already been taken care of in my About page. The rest will come in its own due time, and I’m looking forward to every moment!

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