Delving a little further into space and science

I think most of us have heard of the Big Bang. I have long considered this event to be the birth of the supreme being, namely Nature, aka the known and unknown Universe. I refer to it as such because I can think of little else to call something that encompasses all things that have been, are, or will ever be.  Because I had little else to do at the moment, other than find ways to avoid thinking about more immediate concerns, I let my thoughts drift to this subject, where I began to wonder a little more about the theorized fate of the Universe. The standard model seems to indicate that the Universe is expanding at an increasing rate; and will continue to do so until everything just sort of drifts apart and evaporates in a Big Fizzle.

I thought about this, along with the theory that holds that the Big Bang was the result of some sort of massive intervention from another Universe, or parallel Universe (which I would still consider to be Nature, or Being … just even bigger than I originally imagined). The best way I can picture this is to think of us in this theory as being what came out of an exhaust pipe from another Universe. After a while, I wondered why we believe the actual source of the Big Bang to have exhausted itself in a single explosion: why couldn’t there be more of them? What if the Big Bang is actually more like a Big Pulse? What might have come before us? What might come after us?


Feel free to add your thoughts ....

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