The way Fate works

One of the blogs I like to read, called Rachel Being Chatty, is often a source for laughter, wonder, and sometimes outright bemusement. The post I read this morning was no exception:

Man Arrested After Dialing Police Saying Wife Stole His Cocaine

I read this post and like other readers (judging by the comments), was struck by just how utterly stupid some people are. Then a few questions came trickling in from the back of my mind: why did the man’s wife (if she really stole it in the first place) take the cocaine; and what compelled the man to notify the police of the theft. Did the man’s wife take the cocaine, maybe, because she was desperate to bring her husband away from his addiction? Was the man already so pumped up on drugs that – out of a mean streak easily attributable to regular cocaine use – he felt the need to punish his wife by trying to get her locked up in jail?

Then a few more questions: if the man was already stupid enough to make this kind of call to the police, what if he had snorted or injected the dose he thought his wife stole from him … and then overdosed; or worse still, went for a drive to clear his head in a residential area where children might have been playing? The fact is, Fate uses many tools; and among those tools, I’ve never known Fate to shy away from using stupidity. It’s quite likely that this one brainless act may have saved lives; and it may very well have been the best thing this man has done in his life so far. Looked at this way, a door has been opened for this man; and I hope he has a moment of clarity and is strong enough to go through that door and get clear of his addiction. The same goes for anyone else, for whom Fate might open such a door.

Feel free to add your thoughts ....

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