To those who do not believe

To those who don’t believe that the way is more important than the destination, I will endeavor to demonstrate that you are wrong; then I’ll turn right around and try to prove you right!

Our universe, everything we know to exist and more, came into being roughly 13.5 billion years ago. Where it all came from is obviously not so important – Nature has itself felt compelled to move on from that point, and in the billions of years that have taken place since, has not felt compelled to return to it. Where it’s all going is also not important. Either our universe is without end, in which case it can never reach a final destination; or our universe ends at some point, at which time it will all end anyway. What is of importance, then, is the process of existence.

This process can be likened to what many of us refer to as the way, or journey we take through life; and I think it is a compelling argument in favor of the way being of greater importance than the origin or destination, that it seems this applies to the entire universe – to Nature / Existence itself. Something comes into existence – a sudden, unbelievably brief moment that is impossible to accurately define – that something exists for a period of time that greatly outlasts its moment of origin – and then, in a final moment that is every bit as brief as its coming into being, it ends. The stuff in between origin and end is what matters, and this is represented by the concept of the journey.

But does it really matter that much more? Only if you view the origin, journey, and end as distinct (or separate) events (or even parts). I don’t: I see them all as being one and the same thing. It’s like the concept of polarization: we see one pole, then we see the other pole, and we assume that the two poles are separate. They aren’t – feel free to take all the time you need to split a coin precisely in the middle, if you feel like proving me wrong. If you can do that, then you can also remove the middle of the coin from its two sides; which is the best way to describe the way I perceive the concept of the journey. If origin and destination are inseparable from the way itself, and not possible (or certainly not practical) to precisely define, then it’s not accurate to say that these points along the way – or any other point for that matter – are less important, for the way (in its entirety) has itself become the point; which brings this post and its point full-circle.

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