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Just a quick question for anyone who possesses a greater knowledge or experience with astrology than I do: the time and date of birth seems to tell an astrologer quite a lot about a person; what do the time and date of death have to say about someone?

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  1. I am not sure I understand your question.

    There have been famous astrologers who have predicted the date and time of their own death, but that information is basically taboo in the astrology world. Those who know how to calculate it with extreme certainty don’t share it and the vast majority of astrologers don’t seek to know it.

    Astrology is a web of various potentials energy-wise. Astrologers can look at upcoming transits to natal charts and see the potential for accidents/afflictions but what actually happens depends upon the person. Astrology is weather prediction, if you go fly your metal-framed kite on a day when there is a strong chance of a thunderstorm you may just get struck by lightening, but if you chose a safe location to wait out the storm you will only have to deal with the thunder and bright flashes of light.

    Much as it is easiest to point to what the weather was after the fact, it is always easiest to look at astrology charts after the fact and point to all the reasons why something did happen… although that doesn’t mean that same exact chart set up would duplicate the effects, every person has free will and make their own path with the potentials available to them.


  2. I’m not sure the date/time someone dies will say anything about a person – after all, it’s not going to change anything you’ve done while you were alive, is it? What’s done is done, there’s no going back.


    • My thought was more along the lines of the soul, itself. We tend to regard death as a finality; but it’s really more or less another event along a greater journey. With that in mind, especially with the Celtic concept of the Otherworld, would the practice of astrology have anything to say about the potentials of the next life the soul might be heading for?

      Remaining in the ‘here and now’ of our own lives, I see astrology as a guide toward understanding potentials and likelihoods. Using myself as a broad example in a ‘classical’ astrology setting, and keeping in mind that I’m not an astrologer and am simply going with what I’ve managed to glean from bits of reading here and there, I’m Sagittarius, with my rising sign in Aries: with me, there is the potential that I might not only pursue an outcome based on its potential to bring me closer to the freedom and wisdom I’m constantly searching for, there is also the potential that I will pursue this outcome with directness and an utter lack of patience. But the choice remains mine, as to what I will pursue and how I will go about pursuing it. As it turns out, I’m one of the most patient people one might ever encounter. I do not bore easily – I have watched water freeze, I have watched paint dry, and I have spent days doing nothing more than watching clouds. I see this as a natural consequence of being a seeker / hunter of wisdom … sometimes, it’s better to simply stand still and observe than to remain in a roaming state. While I do enjoy freedom and independence (I realize most people do – but I will admit that I have a tendency to carry this craving farther than many), I have also chosen at times to limit my freedom and independence because I believed doing this contributed to a greater good. This is all to point out that I’m not sure astrology, at least the way I perceive it, has as much to do with the what’s-done-is-done, as it does with the what-might-be-done-if … from that perspective, I thought the possibility of applying astrology to the deceased might be a valid one. After all, for the what’s-done-is-done, we have history :-)


  3. Hmm… you would really need to ask a ‘proper’ astrologer – do you follow any on twitter? An interesting concept! :-)


    • Twitter? I don’t even have an account – this blog and E-mail are about as digitally social as I get :-) But I could look around for one and see what I could find out! Do you know of any on Twitter that you think might be willing to field something like this? If so, feel free to tweet them this way ;-)


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