First decent storm of the year introduces itself

Hurricane-strength wind bursts, plenty of rain and also some thunder and lightning are being forecasted in my quiet little corner of the world today! It all actually started up yesterday, with a bit of rain and gust; but yesterday should prove to be fairly mild compared to today. I live for this kind of weather, and am thankful for all the chances I’m going to have today to go walking around in it :-)  I probably won’t have the chance to walk over to the dike today; but if my weather instinct is to be trusted, which it usually can be, this year should bring some more good storms this way, and I’m sure I’ll have the chance to go welcome at least one of them at the coastline!

I hope anyone reading this will have as good a day as I plan to have; and may the weather be to your liking, as well!

Feel free to add your thoughts ....

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