Return from vacation

I left last week for a small vacation up north and, while I did do a little commenting here and there around the Web, I decided not to post anything major until after I got back home and had the chance to get back into the swing of things. Vacation was nice – the weather was interesting, and never the same for two days in a row. I enjoy the people north of Hamburg, in general, quite a bit … this is a more laid-back part of the country, where the prevailing logic is a rather charming mix of sophistry and down-to-earth common sense. North of Hamburg, at least once you get closer to the Danish border, the land is fairly flat. While this might seem boring to some, it does a lot to make the sky seem much larger in a place where the weather is often on the move … and if you are into the sky like I am, there is nothing boring about this at all.

I got some ideas for new personal projects, as well, and I intend to post updates to these projects as they progress. One of these ideas is creating my own personal series of pepper mixes. To say I’m a fan of spicy-hot foods would be an understatement … there are plenty of days for me when every meal has plenty of pepper involved. But what is just as important to me is that the hot foods I eat also pack a lot of taste. It is quite possible to use too much of the wrong kind of chili pepper, creating something that might have a lot of heat to it, but also tastes absolutely abominable. I like to have my cake and eat it, too: for me, the mouth-watering sensation has to come from the flavor as well as the spice intensity. Cayenne pepper, in all honesty, is my usual default – especially when mixed with copious amounts of black pepper and a bit of garlic. But I also enjoy hotter peppers. My plan, then, is to concoct several mixes based on intensity and overall flavor, some of them being more suitable for some situations, others for different situations. A more garlic-based mix, for example, might be called ‘Death Breath,’ while I plan to name my hottest mix ‘Brave New Tomorrow – for those who don’t fear what the morning brings.’

I figure I’m another day away from trying to post anything in here with more substance. I did manage to change my blog banner a little; and I created a page for copyright information. I’m not a real buff when it comes to copyright – I try to leave names and links to where I get information from, it’s what seems fair to me – but I’m not well-versed with the law beyond the understanding that what we put up online, unless we donate it to the public domain, remains ours. So, if someone wants to use something that’s mine to begin with, I figure it makes sense if I leave a few thoughts somewhere as to how I would prefer them to use it.

Feel free to add your thoughts ....

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