“Gay conversion therapy”

I read this in my usual search through the news:

Obama calls for end to ‘gay conversion therapies’

While I applaud Mr. Obama for taking this position, I think it is tragic that he has to in the first place. I think it is tragic that there are so many people, in a land that prides itself on its sense of freedom and tolerance, who would put their own children through this sort of thing. What I find equally unconscionable is that there are educated, ‘qualified’ mental health care professionals allowed to practice this sort of ‘therapy’ when it has not been scientifically established that homosexuality or bisexuality is caused by something in the psyche that needs fixing. Such ‘professionals’ should have their licenses to practice as psychologists or psychotherapists revoked, in my opinion, for failing to uphold the standards that are supposed to govern the mental health profession and for taking advantage of the vulnerabilities and confused states of their patients and their families. If they wish to continue this absurd practice under the guise of religious counseling, they should feel free to do so – but only with consenting adults, and not with children, and not with any sort of medical or scientific endorsements.


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