A thought about stains

Just a quick thought that popped into my mind: a perceived stain (or other dark spot) in our lives is nothing more than Fate’s initial stroke on a new canvas. It is for us to recognize this, and help fill in the rest of the painting.

6 responses to “A thought about stains

      • When I was younger, I studied judo. From judo I learned to turn my opponent’s force against him. I have, at times, seen Fate as somewhat as an adversary (who hasn’t?); and this is simply may way of turning incoming energy to my advantage. The real trick, though, is to realize that Fate is not an adversary – it is, as Carl Sagan once said of the cosmos, merely indifferent. The energy coming from it is what it is, and more often than not, the adversarial posture is all our own. This is what helps me to ‘see the picture’ most of the time.

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