When the going gets tough

Inner demons. We all have them: they are those things within us that we must often struggle against in order to get anything done. These inner demons mangle with our motivation, corrode our courage, and can even stifle our sensibility. How do we fight against something inside us, that can do all these things? After all, any resistance we might offer would first require motivation and courage … how do we resist something that can take these things away from us?

As it turns out, there is something else that dwells within us: a fighting spirit. Some might see this as a fire within us – I see it as a genuine spirit, capable of permeating my complete being. In looking around at the people we know or know of, it seems like some might be possessed by a larger or smaller fighting spirit. Are we all born with fighting spirits of limited sizes, or is there a way that this spirit grows within us as we go through life?

It’s been my experience that, while some are in fact born with tremendously powerful fighting spirits residing in their hearts, even those with the seemingly weakest of fighting spirits can, as they go through life, grow and nurture this spirit. I have learned that my fighting spirit needs food to grow – but not just any food will do! I feed my inner demons to my fighting spirit: it devours these inner demons with great enthusiasm; and as thanks, this spirit asks only for the chance to be pointed toward more inner demons.

If you happen to have problems with inner demons dominating your life, or pulling you away from a goal, perhaps this approach might work for you? If it seems like your inner demons are stronger than what your fighting spirit is capable of, it is likely because you haven’t set your fighting spirit free to do what it is meant to do. Trust in this spirit, let it grow through you and within you: let it dine on delicious demons, and let yourself move forward without further hindrance!


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