European Paganism

An exceptional blog post, making some very valid points. I believe there need to be more posts like this, addressing the sense of community in Continental European Paganism; and I hope that the number of reblogs this post has already received will encourage this to happen!

Migdalit Or

Maybe I have been reading too much Gods & Radicals lately or maybe my last post on the UPG police has just triggered too much interest but I said to myself today: Fuck it, I will write a little about politics. Pagan politics, if there is such a thing.

One thing that has struck me once more doing my research on the Thyrmheim post, and also reading Gods & Radicals is just how much the Pagan online community is dominated by the Anglo-American world and world view. All the big portals, newswires, and blogs seem to be based in the US and while for instance the Wild Hunt does try to include news from Europe as well its focus still is on US happenings and US topics.

Most of the so called “big name” Pagan blogs are also written by US Americans, rarely also Canadians or British. As a result…

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