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This is going to be a rather direct post. I wanted to offer a heartfelt congratulations the people in the United States who have been trying for so long to achieve homosexual marriage rights. I think it’s about time: marriage is something that I don’t believe the State has much right getting involved in or regulating; and the Supreme Court ruling, ironically enough, is a step toward getting the State out of the marriage concept. I’m worried by the proverbial can of worms that seems to have been opened up with this ruling … there is a lot that will need to be sorted out. As a WordPress user, I’ve of course seen the rainbow symbol at the upper navigation bar, and I have also read some of the ‘protest posts’ from some of the blog authors who resent having this symbol ‘compelled’ upon them. I have read posts from outraged people, venting in other ways. I think forcing clergy to officiate weddings that their beliefs do not support might be a mistake – and I think it is critical that this issue be solved as quickly as possible. I am concerned that a decision made to allow people the freedom to unite may wind up being used to divide a nation. I have not missed the significance of the concurrent debate about the Confederate battle flag; and am confused and worried that it seems one side of the political spectrum seeks to erase the reminders of the Confederacy, the other side of the spectrum, in places like Oklahoma, wishes to rewrite the history books in public schools to reflect a more patriotic picture of the United States.

My understanding of US history tells me that the Civil War was fought, among other things, over the rights of individual states to determine their own affairs. The Supreme Court ruling, though well-intentioned and on the side of true justice, deprives states of their rights to determine their own laws concerning this issue. Some of the states right now that I can only guess might object to this the most are in the same region that objected 150 years ago.

The genie is out of the bottle now … time for America to wish carefully.


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