Blog spotlight: Ramblings of the Claury

I haven’t done this before, but I would like to point readers’ attention toward a blog I have enjoyed a great deal since I started this blog. The blog is called “Ramblings of the Claury,” authored by Carly and Laura, and it is a blog that has been a joy to have in my reader from the very get-go. The blog authors manage to put an amazing amount of positive energy and simple wisdom into a virtual world that, in all honesty, could certainly use it. I don’t comment there nearly as much as I should, or would like to; but new posts from this blog are something I have come to look forward to quite greatly. Since I’ve never spotlighted another blog before, I’m not certain if there is a protocol or proper sort of etiquette for doing this; but the authors have posted on their blog that they want readers to tell their friends about them – so I think this post does just that ;-)

If you get the chance, and you would like to let a little more sunshine into your lives, along with interesting random facts, cat-related tidbits, and insightful wisdom, I highly recommend paying “Ramblings of the Claury” a visit!


Feel free to add your thoughts ....

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