“She put on a lot of weight”

Whether it be body weight or any other outward feature, it is the tendency of many to judge quickly, unfairly, and unwisely. This blog not only illustrates these points; but goes further to reveal the genuine worth of the person writing the blog, a worth that was rejected and will thus be missed out on by the very people who couldn’t find any more insightful reaction to seeing her than to say, “She put on a lot of weight.” And that, of all things, behind her back, as she walked away. Unwise, discourteous, and cowardly … the author, Kathy, overcomes such people by discovering what friendship is all about, and from where it should first come ….

Kathy Sebright

I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in a couple of years on the fourth of July. It was hot and humid here. My sweaty hair was stuck to my face. My brave little boy was in my big yellow double running stroller, the strap tied a bit too tightly around my arm digging in. My oldest son was running behind me with my husband. I was surrounded by an amazing group of people out there representing the church we attend, showing love for our community by passing out a few thousand popsicles in the parade. My face was flushed red from the heat and the exertion of running to keep up while pushing a nearly 100 pound load and simultaneously handing out popsicles with one hand while the other steered the stroller. I handed this person a popsicle, smiled, and offered a short, but enthusiastic, “Hey there!” As I…

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