After-effects of my Loki post

This is just a quick post, to express my gratitude to all the reblogs and likes that came in from my post yesterday about Loki. I was hoping the post would get a little attention and be the source of some fun and learning about Loki and Heathen lore; but I certainly didn’t expect the high volume of attention that the post has thus far generated! I’ve really enjoyed visiting the various blogs linked to by the likes and reblogs, blogs I hadn’t already encountered; and I’m looking forward to reading more as time permits. Essentially, although a like is certainly a flattering thing – and a reblog is really awesome – the coolest thing for me is the chance to meet and perhaps get to know more people than I would otherwise have been able to; and it is this opportunity that I’m most grateful for.

For those who dropped by recently and decided to start following my blog, I put together a small list of some of the posts I’ve had since this blog’s beginning, that have generated the most views thus far. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find something there that you’ll enjoy, as well :-)

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