An open note and some advice to an adherent of the Satanic Panic that we should have left behind in the 1980’s

I read the following article from the Wild Hunt blog, about some anonymous trouble-maker from the US state of Wisconsin, who is likely trying to use relics from the so-called Satanic Panic from the 1980’s to stir up some stress. My reaction to this can be found in the comments section of the same post; but I thought I would also post it here (trying to keep with the spirit of an open communication to this person):

A bit of advice and an open note to our pen-pal in Wisconsin ….

Think animal sacrifice is a satanic thing? Read the Bible: Genesis, Exodus and Leviticus are places in the Old Testament that come to mind, where animal sacrifice is encouraged. Think rebelling against authority is a satanic thing? Read the Bible: the entirety of the New Testament is based around the reformist efforts of Jesus, who was executed at the behest of the Israelite Temple because he was openly challenging their authority. Think Paganism is a satanic thing? You could read just about any book written by Pagans, who mostly consider Satan to be a very Christian concept; but since you haven’t taken the time to read your own book, I guess all our books will have to just wait a while :-) At any rate, I hope you enjoy the attention you’re getting now: you are providing us with another good reason to strengthen our community bonds, while exposing your own ignorance across the globe.

Feel free to add your thoughts ....

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