Tanka poem: Nature endures


Solid brick structures
built to last through the ages
must crumble instead
for while we are great builders
we are bound by Nature’s plan.


6 responses to “Tanka poem: Nature endures

  1. I love it when Nature roars back. We like to think we rule the earth, but we are slaves to it, not masters of it. She will reclaim what was hers, no matter what.


    • I’m glad you liked that … it is a truth of existence that I think many, out of pride or arrogance, or perhaps even a fear of impermanence, tend to forget. Although it was not my original intention to do so, after I posted this poem, I realized that the theme of impermanence is similar to that written by Shelley in his poem, “Ozymandias,” which also happens to be my favorite poem.

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