Tempus fugit

Reading this post on the Wild Hunt blog got me to thinking a little bit about time, on a day when I had already encountered a post on the Bloodteethandflame blog, that included a Doctor Who quote (which I still cannot get far from my thoughts). We like to say that time flies – tempus fugit is a very common quote, even among folks who have no concept for Latin – but I can’t help but scratch my head at the thought that we have it all backwards.

Time is something that is a measure of events, of things that happen. As such, as Einstein so aptly pointed out, time and space are very intimately connected. Without space, without things to happen and a place for them to happen, there is no time. If time and space are truly so connected, then it would make sense that it is we who fly through time, just as we pass through space. So in a sense, time stands still and patiently waits for us to fly through it. This would correlate to what I have experienced, in that when I wish to achieve the desired effect of slowing down time, I must in fact slow myself to stillness. This would also seem to discredit the equally popular quote, that “Time stands still for no one” – in such cases, if you look carefully, time does stand still, it is we who tend not to stand still for others.

Feel free to add your thoughts ....

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