An unexpected honor

Yesterday, I received a comment on my About page, letting me know I had been nominated for the Liebster Award, by Huckleberry Friend! I was not expecting this, and I feel deeply honored that a reader would think so highly of my blog! The award comes with several rules, which are:

  • Thank the wonderful person who nominated you.
  • Display the logo for the award.
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers.
  • Answer the questions that the person who nominated you has set.

Since I will not be following these rules to the letter, I don’t feel it would be appropriate for me to display the award logo. The first rule, however, I can and will happily follow, to the letter: thank you, Huckleberry Friend, for thinking of my blog when you received this award for your own! That thought alone, more than any award could ever be, is what I consider to be the true honor here. You asked some good questions of those bloggers you nominated, and I think it would only be proper to answer them:

1. A quote you read recently that really touched you.
While reading the blog, bloodteethandflame, just a few days ago, I was treated to a quote from an episode of Doctor Who, that made me think of Odin, the similarities between descriptions of Loki and a younger and more reckless version of Odin, and was a key motivator for me contemplating time itself. The quote moved me to actually watch 23 minutes of a show I don’t normally care to watch. All-tolled, I’d say this quote managed to touch me pretty effectively :-)

2. That one song on your playlist you keep listening to on repeat because you just can’t get enough!
I typically go walking early in the mornings, and have the habit of greeting the rising sun as I step outside my front door. As I do so, I almost always have R. Carlos Nakai’s “Corn Grinding Song” playing in my mp3 player. This morning ritual of mine is repeated on a daily basis.

3. The one thing you love about yourself (That thing that makes you go like- “I mean, why isn’t anybody noticing? I am awesome!!”)
There is no quality of mine that moves me to think this way, in all honesty. I love and accept myself, as I am, for all my successes and failings. Others may notice – or not notice – what they will – what I might think of as a quality of mine, might annoy just about anyone else (and often does!) :-)

4.  A book that has really changed the way you see the world.
Every book I have read has changed my perspective in some way. As a child, Ernest Thompson Seton’s “Biography of a Grizzly Bear” had perhaps the strongest influence on my life, showing me the wilderness through the eyes of a bear who had lived through much hardship. In my adult life, in particular when it comes to my perspectives on Paganism, the book that has had the most profound influence has been Charles deLint’s “Dreams Underfoot.”

5. If you could keep any animal (real, mythical,anything) in the world as a pet, which would you choose and why?
There are a few cats who presently live with me, despite my allergies to them. I do not call them or think of them as pets – nor would I any creature – but as family members (which is why I overlook my allergies) and companions. Other animals, that haven’t been domesticated, I prefer to see in the wilderness, living their lives in a free manner that befits their Way. Creatures of legend and spirit I see in much the same way :-)

Regarding the nomination of other bloggers, I won’t do this – at least not in the way this award’s rules prefer. The blogs I read and comment in, I enjoy them all; and I would not think to try to pick favorites among them. As it is, my Selected Links page is not as accurate as I would prefer it to be; and even that page is not meant as to indicate favorites among the blogs I participate in. What I will do, however, is pose a single question to any and all who read this blog post (who have read all the way to this point!), thus nominating any and all bloggers:

What is it that first motivated you to start blogging; and how has this motivation changed (or even remained the same) throughout the course of your blogging?

Answers to this question I would genuinely like to see as comments to this post :-)

And now to add a rule of my own to this: I would like to also thank all of the people who have read and / or commented in this blog. My motivation to blog has been to connect with interesting, diverse and wonderful people, and all of you have made that possible – this motivation has remained unchanged for me. I am honored by your participation here, grateful that I have had the chance to participate in so many of your blogs, and humbled by the sheer amount of insight and creativity I have encountered along the way!


2 responses to “An unexpected honor

  1. Thanks a lot for accepting this award. The reason I asked for a quote is because I love inspirational words and am always looking for more to read. The quote you mentioned was really something : )
    As far as your question is concerned, “motivation” is a difficult concept for me. Motivating myself to do anything beyond a point is an accomplishment for me, so this whole blogging thing has been quite the ride :D and I hope I can continue..

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    • I also hope you will continue to blog! Motivation isn’t always the easiest thing to find, and also not the easiest thing to maintain; so I have respect for anyone who already finds motivation a challenge, and still manages to move forward!

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