Once in a blue moon

I wanted to extend my best wishes to everyone on this blue moon: while blue moons have taken place at various times around the world in recent years, this is the first I can remember in some time that has taken place around the entire world; and it will be the only one of its magnitude for some time to come. My personal tradition when it comes to blue moons is to set it aside for making special wishes; and I am thankful that the weather around here has cleared up enough that I will be able to see the moon tonight, rather than simply feel it through the clouds that tend to take up residency in this part of the world!

I have been inactive in this blog, as well as keeping up with everyone else’s blog, for the past couple of days. This is due to a technical glitch – an update that somehow or another wreaked havoc with my computer – but the computer has been restored to its usual function, and so one wish has already come to fruition today!


Feel free to add your thoughts ....

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