Just a stray thought

I wonder how many of us confuse organization for order? That thought crossed my mind today, and right afterward I thought to myself, “That would explain why some of the most organized people I know are still disappointed with the chaos in their lives.” I’m not poking fun at an organized approach to things – far from it, I also prefer to keep myself organized – but I think it’s easy for people to distract themselves with their organizing efforts, hoping that this will sort out the chaos in their lives. From my own experience, I have learned to embrace chaos … chaos is change, and change is what made our existence possible (true order is what non-existed before Nature was born). My attempts at organizing, then, are made as an attempt to guide the changes in a more preferred direction – and I keep in mind that sometimes Fate isn’t particularly interested in my notion of what is preferred. This way, I feel like I’m doing something; but I’m not disappointed when, despite my best efforts, things just don’t go my way.


4 responses to “Just a stray thought

  1. Chao, really, is the primordial soup we all came out of. It’s natural. Or maybe I just tell myself that in order to legitimise my own chaotic thoughts!!


  2. I completely agree.. I have spent considerable amount of time trying to organize my life, now I’m focusing on embracing the chaos. Trying to control the uncontrollable, to avoid the unavoidable is what forms the basis of many anxiety related disorders. Organizing might give us some false sense of having everything in life under control and thus, reduce anxiety. But the unfortunate bit is that the extent to which we can organize is limited and the chaos, infinite. The more we try to organize (and fail), the more is the anxiety and the consequent need to organize… and so the cycle continues. To embrace chaos and the imperfection of life is the one thing that can break it.

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  3. I understand completely, as I lose things more often if I try to keep my place neat and tidy! I was raised by a ‘neat-freak’ who didn’t understand that my chaotic room had an order to it – she didn’t “get” my means of organization, LOL


    • That is actually a really good point – I wish I had thought to make it when I wrote this post, and am really happy you thought to bring it up! As we are all individuals, our sense of organization is just as individual as we are … the question is, then, is order just as individualized; or must order, by its own nature, be a more universal state? Big ‘O,’ little ‘o,’ perhaps?

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