Return of the wayward raven

My surgery is behind me, and I am home from the hospital. I appreciate the well-wishes I’ve received along the way, and although holding my arm in any position for a longer stretch of time is not a pleasant experience, I can honestly say I’ve endured worse than this. As such, my surgeon stressed often enough that I need to relax my shoulder more often than I need to stress it for right now; which means I will continue to keep my posting and commenting somewhat brief (such a horrible word!), but hopefully not as sparse as I have been these past few weeks.

Essentially, while still not able to soar or do aerial acrobatics, this raven is at least back to extended hopping … and will be flying again in short order!


8 responses to “Return of the wayward raven

    • It’s on the one hand tempting to try – on the other hand, not so tempting :-) I think dangerous for me will be in a couple of weeks, when the after-effects of the surgery are not so easy to feel … that is when I will have to remind myself to back off a little, rather than rely on my shoulder to remind me.

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    • Thank you for the welcome-back wishes … and it does seem that my blogging flights are fairly brief these days, for which I do feel bad. Part of this has to do with the time of year – in Autumn I am simply not so easy to keep indoors – while the other parts have to do with a general lack of time and some thoughts rolling around in my head that simply need a bit of time to keep rolling before I set them loose into cyberspace :-)

      I hope you are doing well – hopefully within a few days I should have some time to sit back, settle in, and enjoy reading and commenting in everyone’s blogs … your blog is high on that list :-)


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