A genuine privilege

I wanted to share with readers a nomination I received, for an award called the Dragon’s Loyalty Award, from Silver Wolf, who blogs at Moon of the Wolf. I consider it an honor when someone thinks of me for such things, and this is certainly no exception. I must admit, given my general absence from the Internet of late, that I am surprised by this nomination – but this doesn’t change the fact that I was very happy to see my name on Silver Wolf’s list. To say I am thankful would be an understatement – but it would be a start: thank you for the nomination, Silver Wolf :-)

This award comes with its own set of rules, which are as follow:

Accept the award with thanks.
Give your readers 5 facts about you.
Nominate other bloggers and let them know.

Five facts, to simply pull out of the ether of my mind, is a challenge for me. Answering questions others might have is always easier (does this qualify as one of the five facts, I wonder?); but I will endeavor to add a few details that aren’t to be found in this blog.

One detail is that I am what I call a practicality-driven fan of organization. A so-called neat freak I am not, my home is not a museum; but I do believe in the adage of a place for everything, and everything in its place. I say that this is driven by practicality, because some people have made the mistake of thinking that my urge to organize is driven by some sort of pathology. The simple fact is, I don’t remember where I put things, unless it is in a place that fits with my system of organization. I detest having to go looking for something that I shouldn’t have to go looking for; so this sense of organization reduces stress in two ways, first in that things are usually where I need them to be, and second, if something isn’t where it belongs, I spot it very quickly.

This peculiarity leads into another detail I don’t often discuss: my knack for spotting patterns. When I was a kid, and watched a show called Sesame Street, my favorite part was always the song that started, “One of these things is not like the other.” I was good at it, and just got better as the years progressed.

A fairly personal detail, but one that I am proud of, is that I have successfully recovered from bipolar disorder. I was one of those who had a fairly bad run-in with it, was diagnosed late, underwent therapy in a foreign language … the deck was stacked against me, essentially. With permission and guidance from my doctor and therapist, I eventually came off all medications and out of therapy. My mind still has a polarized structure to it; but I have learned to adapt to it, perhaps even to benefit from some features of it. There is no longer a disorder to speak of … so I guess bipolar, yes, disordered, no; and this is why I speak of having recovered from it.

Another detail is that, once upon a time, I blogged under another name, that having been Bernulf Oswin. My blog was called “A Heathen Blog – Expanding Inward.” I stopped blogging there when my experience with bipolar disorder took a turn for the worse. Eventually, I moved the blog to private status, and concentrated on other efforts. As time progressed, I went through a lot of changes – I was even changing E-mail addresses nearly every month for some reason I still haven’t figured out. With all that went on, I eventually forgot some passwords … not just to my old blog, but also to the E-mail address it was attached to. While there is probably a way to still reclaim my old blog, I have had no real desire to do so … I’m not the same person I was then, despite having obviously retained a pompous and verbose writing style. My beliefs have changed, my entire core has changed. The blog still brings back fond memories, but in my memory is where that blog will remain.

With the fifth detail, I choose to offer something that will seem somewhat flippant, in comparison to the others: I actually do possess a television. I detest watching normal television programming … it’s the programming part that I usually take exception to, as I’m not inclined to have a television set try to tell me what I should like or find appealing. Movies, I do enjoy, from time to time. And then there is Diablo 3. Yes, I know, it’s a complete waste of time … but if I have time to waste, I would say this game is one of my favorite ways to waste it. I wouldn’t call myself an avid player, or even a skilled one; but there are times when vegetating with a demon hunter character running amok through some various layer of heaven or hell is just amusing to me.

So there we have it, five details about me that I don’t think are to be found in this blog anywhere (offering five details everyone already knows would be cheating the spirit of the award nomination, yes?).

I do not normally pass nominations for things like this on to specific readers … in some cases (although I do not personally take it as such), other readers / commenters might feel pressured to either accept or decline a direct nomination. So instead, what I would like to do is invite any reader of this blog to participate in this process by adding five facts about yourself either in the comments section to this post; or in your own blog and then a comment here, linking to it. I would like to get to know all of you better, and this seems a great way to do it – so, oh yes, I’m nominating all of you :-)  If you choose not to participate, since you are not directly named, there is no need to feel any pressure and, for those who do wind up accepting this nomination, maybe you’ll discover something from another reader here that you have in common!


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