Light, dark, somewhere in between

John 1:5 offers this: “… and light shines in darkness, and darkness could not overpower it.

I think this is an interesting, and very popular view – polarized and, in my opinion, incorrect. I ask myself, what would light be without darkness? I’m fond of saying that one blinds as surely as the other, when absolute. Why would darkness try to overpower the light, when it could simply outlast it? Light must be tended, or renewed … darkness does not. I read once that the one thing that was faster than light was darkness, as it always manages to outrun the light, and return just as fast when a light is extinguished. These observations, though perhaps true in some ways, are also incorrect, as they promote a polarized and even competitive / antagonistic relationship between light and dark that doesn’t exist, except in our own limited perspective.

The two are sides to a single coin. It’s that undefinable middle that enables us to navigate our way around. I say the middle is undefinable because that’s exactly what it is, and it’s good that it is so – it is what provides us the perpetual opportunity to define, and redefine ourselves. Do light and dark exist? Of course they do … but that does not mean that they are opposed to one another. I prefer to see them as diametric compliments, enabling movement, allowing development, contributing to a Universe full of choices. Investing in a belief that regards light and dark as being in some sort of perpetual war with one another limits our ability to define ourselves on our own terms, and causes us to needlessly perpetuate a conflict within ourselves that is likely based more upon our conceptual deficits than on reality.


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