Possible delay with posting

My computer just informed me this morning that there is a new version to my operating system available. The last time I upgraded, I did so in a relatively stupid fashion – I upgraded online, rather than from verified disk, and I didn’t have much of a backup in place. I lost almost everything, except for a few treasured pictures and documents that I happened to have sitting on a thumb drive. Today, I will back everything up, and I will install the upgrade from disk (probably – it galls me still that an online upgrade can fail); but there is always the possibility that something goes wrong (“To err is human – to really foul things up requires the use of a computer”), in which case I won’t be online at all for a couple of days. Not that reinstalling and restoring my system from backup takes so long; but because in such cases, I am not above sulking, and staying away from my computer for a few days before I decide to put it back together the way I want it.

In the end, the ‘age-old’ adage applies: that there are only two kinds of data – those being the kind of data you have lost, and the kind of data you have not lost yet. I just wanted to give a heads-up in case I do wind up taking time away from the computer, and wish everyone a very happy Hallowe’en in advance :-)

2 responses to “Possible delay with posting

  1. I feel your pain. I almost always back up my data. Almost always. And you can guarantee that the computer will wait for one of those almosts before it crashes and burns. And don’t even get me started on Windows 10!!!
    Change – I hate it.
    Hope you’re back with us again soon :)

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    • Thank you for the good wishes – it would seem they helped :-) I am back up and running, the backed up data restored without a problem, everything installed, updated and ready to go. Basically all I have left to do is tweak the OS theme, and my computer might actually be better off than when I started earlier (this upgrade was meant more or less to fix some bugs in the previous version – I am not using a MS operating system, but rather a flavor of Linux). The tweaking and other bits of eye candy can wait until tomorrow, though :-)


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