Hallowe’en customs

As I went walking through a dark and foggy neighborhood this evening, I noticed one of the families in their front yard. They had decorated with Hallowe’en decorations, and were clearly doing their best to bring the spirit of the holiday to their German neighborhood. Dressed as ghosts, though, with crosses burning in their front lawn, I had to wonder whether or not these people were a bit confused about scary American customs ….

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    • I don’t think you have to be sorry – it is funny, the people involved are not members of the KKK, they just thought a burning cross on the front lawn would be a spooky Hallowe’en decoration to go along with their ghostly attire; and had no idea of its other implications.

      As it turns out, I have an American friend here, who also happens to be black, and comes from Georgia – when I told him what I saw, he couldn’t stop laughing, and said he wanted to go see it for himself.

      If it weren’t for the burning cross, the scene would have been really fitting for the holiday … dark, cold, foggy night, fallen leaves everywhere, the smell of burning wood, and ghosts on the front lawn. For me, I think this is what made the situation so funny … like having someone go through a lot of trouble to decorate their front yard for Valentine’s Day (another American holiday catching on where I live), with hearts, pink ribbons, and then dressing as Robin Hood with bow and arrows :-)

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      • In Passau, where I once lived, I once passed a daughter and her mother washing their family’s car in the front yard. Very ‘spießig’, very christian small town, Passau. The daughter, 12 yrs old or sumsuch, wore a t-shirt which said “You mother sucks cocks in hell”.

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      • How very charming; but in all honesty, where I live, I see and hear a lot of things that would shock native speakers of English, too; but are more or less ignored by everyone else. With the cross-burning ghosts the other night, it would surprise me if very many other people around here would have made the connection.

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