Samhain thoughts

Yesterday was, for me, Samhain. I do not, like many Pagans, observe Samhain on Hallowe’en. I also do not, like a number of other Pagans, observe Samhain on the full moon nearest the astronomical midpoint between the fall equinox and winter solstice. Instead, I wait for either the new or full moon that takes place directly after Hallowe’en, whichever comes first. This keeps my observation of the holy day loosely tied to Hallowe’en, but not actually mixed up with it; and it also offers an added layer of portent to the holy day by contemplating the lunar phase that it falls on. This year, it was not just a new moon, but one that rose and set with the sun, leaving the night sky devoid of the moon’s presence. This is an excellent time for journeying – and as far as the spirit world is concerned, our calendars and clocks don’t seem to carry the same weight as they do in this world.

On other occasions, the lack of lunar presence in the night sky might have allowed the stars to shine a little more brightly; but as it was, clouds covered the sky while I was out. This didn’t change much for me, except for the view – if anything, it made my journeying a little easier (I’m fascinated enough by stars that they can be distracting at times). Through journeying, I managed to honor my connection to the spirits, and I offered prayers and good wishes. I also guided two spirits out of the middle world to where they belonged – this went well and, as always, was a joy for me to be a part of.

As for portent, the new moon itself indicates new beginnings and the vast potentials that typically accompany new beginnings. The moon’s absence from the night sky accentuates this; and I will dedicate this coming year to undertaking new things, and focusing my attention on my own potential. In looking back on the year that has passed, a year that began for me on a full moon, I have managed to bring a number of important things in my life to a general fulfillment. Some things I let slip; but what I consider to be important things, in some cases endeavors that have stretched over a decade and more, were brought full-circle. I will take care to consider what I begin this year – I’m not prone to starting something just for the sake of starting something – but at the same time, I like to believe that when a person opens themselves to new ideas and experiences, and through this process allows his or her self to change, that person does not get older, but rather newer. This, then, is my secret to how to avoid getting older. No pills, no cosmetic surgeries, no stressing about the accumulating years and wrinkles. Just keep the mind open to new things, and allow yourself to experience the changes those new things and ideas might bring about.

Although I know that Samhain has already passed for just about every other Pagan in the world who observes the holy day, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a fortuitous and healthy new year; and share one of my prayers, that the people of our world will be inspired to maximize our own potential, and set out on a new beginning with one another, and our world in general, in a way that brings respect for one another to the forefront.

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