The attacks in Paris

I extend my prayers for the souls of those who passed in the attacks in Paris, France, this past weekend.

I offer my condolences and wishes for strength for all who lost a loved one through these attacks.

I wish for a strong and healthy recovery to all who took injury and trauma from these attacks.

May we, in the aftermath of this attack, find among ourselves a stronger sense of community, and take comfort in one another.

Attacks like these, wherever they happen, take something from us all. I wish all of us the wisdom we as humans will need to reclaim the lost humanity that leads to tragedies like this. For those who perpetuate, or think to perpetuate, such attacks, I wish a moment of clarity and insight into what real faith, and love for humanity actually mean: killing only yields more killings, violence and hatred only yield more hatred and violence. The killing has gone on for a long time, if it were going to change something for the better, it would have already done so. Those who would try to convince you otherwise are probably trying to fit you with suicide vests and sell you on a lie that tries to mesh religion with hatred – hardly the sort of people to seek guidance from. Those are also the same people, incidentally, who seem to keep committing actions that guarantee more bombs and bloodshed in your own homeland.


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