Old photos

While rifling through some old photos I took several years ago, I found these and thought I’d share … if all goes well, I might have a few lower-quality pictures to post tomorrow (we have a nice storm rolling in, and I intend to spend some time at the water’s edge with a little waterproof camera). We shall see – in the meantime, I hope you enjoy these ….







13 responses to “Old photos

  1. What is that thing in the first photo? Giving me the creeps. I’m loving the specs and the pen; such a calming photograph. I’d happily stare at that for hours on end.

    The light hitting the side of that barge is spectacular, the red lifts everything just perfectly. What a great perspective.

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    • The little statue in the first photo is a grotesque I’ve had for years – I don’t even remember when or where I bought him, that’s how long it’s been. I keep him in my camera bag and, bizarre as it may seem, he has often wound up being my muse. In this case, I had the moss and the lighting that I wanted, but the picture still wasn’t saying much to me … the grotesque’s presence in the picture, however, shows something ‘ugly’ warmed by and admiring the beauty around him, wistful and in his own thoughts as the sun sets. The glasses and pen was one I was actually quite proud of when I took the picture … the glasses were my only pair, which meant I took the picture while not being 100% sure of the focus – since the ball point inside the pen is where the focus was meant to be, I was really happy that it turned out the way I intended. The third picture was discovered completely by accident … walking along one day with my camera, I just happened to look up and to my left at the right moment to see this picture, waiting to be taken :-)

      I’m glad you liked these pictures :-)

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  2. Oh my~! Hahahah! Your first pic is awesome cause I actually have the same little statue! I don’t remember where I got it myself, I think it may have been a general store? Anywho, I absolutely adore the little thing and its sitting in my temple room on a windowsill, looking out to the other houses and hills.

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    • How strange and surprising is that? That two of us bloggers should happen to have the same grotesque – and neither of us can remember where we got it from! :-) When not in my camera bag or posing for a picture, mine also sits by a window … a small world, so packed with random possibilities :-)

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    • I’m glad you liked them … the second to last photo was really pure luck. We have a museum here, dedicated to ships and sea travel, with a few boats (like the tug in the picture) displayed out of the water. I’ve tried to retake the photo a couple of times; but none of them seem to feel as right to me as this one does. Like I said, pure luck … talent would have had no problem reproducing or improving ;-)


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