Tercet: The setting Sun

All around us is silence,
twilight endeavors to balance,
as the Sun makes her way to the other side.

My day she made bright –
and how I basked in her light!
– while her gift of warmth was never denied.

But good speed to her, I must now wish –
though it tears me apart, I seek to accomplish –
when I tell her good-bye, my heart rends itself wide.

My tear-filled eyes, I cast to the sky.
Seeing the pale moon, I continue to cry –
it is her spirit, and in the darkness my guide.

With outstretched hands, I pray to this ghost
to grant me that, which I now wish most –
that I will wake to her light again, and that our bond will abide.

11 responses to “Tercet: The setting Sun

    • Thank you for the compliment – I am happy that you like this poem (it’s the first time in a very long time that I’ve ventured away from tanka poetry, and the first tercet I’ve written since I was in school). Exceptional is not a word I would describe myself with – individual, but no more so than anyone else – but I’m moved by your compliment nonetheless :-)


    • Thank you, very much, Souldiergirl … with the metaphor of loss, I was not just writing from my own perspective; but had your own story in mind, as well. I’m glad you liked the poem :-)

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