Domestic Violence Against Men: Know The Signs

I think the information in this post is important, and worth reading. In Germany, men who are abused by their spouses (regardless of their gender) may find the Männerberatungsnetzwerk useful.

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25 November is not just one month to Christmas, it’s also the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. When I checked to see if there was a similar day to mark violence against men, I discovered that there isn’t.

Now, as someone who believes in equality, this has annoyed me immensely. Why shouldn’t men have a day that acknowledges that they, too, can be victims of violence? Violence sometimes perpetrated BY women? So, in a fit of pique, I decided to hijack the day.

Men are abused too

Remembering this will help:

  • You are not alone – many men experience abuse
  • The abuse isn’t your fault
  • There are professionals and organisations that can help you
  • You can’t change your partner’s behaviour
  • Domestic violence is against the law

You have the same rights as an abused woman. The police will take you seriously and arrest your abuser…

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