In love, with questions

This post will represent a slight departure from what one might expect when reading in here. I am utterly smitten, and in head-over-heels in love … with a Web site I recently discovered! The site, Aves Noir, is dedicated to  all things related to ravens, crows and other corivids – artwork, facts and legends, and videos. I’m ecstatic to have located others who are as enthused about the sable-feathered clown princes as I am!

While reading in this site, though, I encountered an article discussing the show / series “Game of Thrones,” and the accuracy of the portrayal of ravens and crows in the show. I’ve thus far not bothered to watch this series, or read the books (I’m still making my way through the Wheel of Time series, and won’t take on any new fiction until I’m done with it). Have any of you watched it? If so, what are your impressions of the show in general? Is it worth getting into? I am hesitant here, as my last attempt to watch a series coming out of the US left me with a strong feeling of disappointment (I mean, really, ‘Dear Diary,’ don’t vampires who’ve lived for 200 years or longer have something better to do with their time than hang out at the local high school?). “The Mentalist,” I like – as well as “Criminal Minds” and, to a lesser extent, “Cold Case” (although I find them both at times to be a bit heavy and depressing; which isn’t so entertaining). My favorite US series of all time include anything from Star Trek (nuqneH, Sepultura 13!), and “Due South.” I enjoy fantasy and history, obviously; but prefer story lines that are well-written enough to make the fantasy believable. How would “Game of Thrones” fit in with this?

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    • I used to watch that show, when it first came out … I think I made it through two seasons before the overall plot line seemed to start suffering. Since I know you tend to have pretty good taste in things, I may very well think about looking back into that series – thank you for the suggestion :-)

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