Natal chart

I finally figured out the time of day I was born (it’s been a mystery to me for some time now; but then I very often have the problem that I don’t bother to remember my birthday, or exactly how old I am … these things are simply not that important to me), and thought I would see what my natal chart looked like. That my sun sign is Sagittarius, I already knew – as well as that my rising sign is Aries. All the other stuff I never knew – thanks to the fine folks behind Astrolabe for shedding some light on some fun information!


I won’t pretend as though I understand the half of what the Web site reported to me … astrology is one of those things I have a passing curiosity for; but have never actually applied myself to studying. Some of the things in the report were right on the mark – curiosity, independence, a general sense of freedom, individualism and a slightly unconventional approach to life all pretty much apply to me and my outlook. I disagree with the notion that I am a poor self-starter, though … I am, in fact, rather prone to initiate a lot of things; but the problem is when I start too many things all at once. I have a fairly strong urge to see things through to their logical conclusion; which means when I allow myself to start too many things, I wind up pushing myself pretty hard. So, as far as Moon in Libra goes, I think laziness is not a problem I suffer from.

Regarding Mercury in Sagittarius, I agree with most of the description, except for the part about failing to grasp the smaller details … I am usually regarded by those who know me as being among the most detail-oriented people one might ever encounter. I still see the forest; but I see every tree (and some would say every leaf on every tree) right along with it … remembering each and every detail is sometimes another matter, though.

Mars in Aries seems to indicate that I’m somewhat tactless. To that I would say only when I see the need to be so – then I will happily wield the truth like a blunt weapon – but otherwise, tact is usually one of my higher priorities.

Perhaps what I disagree with most, though, is the description of my rising sign in Aries … the description leaves me with the impression that I am supposed to be balls-to-the-wall pretty much at all times, and overall somewhat impatient. When I was a child, one winter my mother told me to put on thick clothing before going outside because it was cold enough to freeze water. After putting on my winter clothing, I went outside with a bucket of water, and sat down to watch it freeze. I had so much fun, and found it so interesting, that I did it again. I was four years old. That level of patience has been a hallmark of mine almost from the very beginning. As for doing something full-tilt; once I have decided to act, I do tend to dedicate myself fully to the action I have decided upon. Leaping before I look is not in my nature, however.

Otherwise, what I read really hit the mark. By this I do not mean some sort of vague and generalized statement that anyone would say, “Hey, I’m like that, too, sometimes;” but rather something that describes a very consistent set of tendencies that apply to me and my way of approaching life. I find it funny that just about everything in my chart is either in a fire or air sign! For me, this was interesting and fun; and a good way to celebrate finally learning what time of day I was born :-)

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  1. Sun sign in Saggitarius has lots of advantages. The traits you’ve mentioned about yourself are accurate. They will serve you well in business and diplomacy (believe it or not) because you’re a loyal person and people trust your opennness. There is no way you could be a poor self starter. I think the impatience that is attributed to Arians (I am one) is wrongly thought to be universal. It is not. We are impatient when our own agendas are not being served. But, as natural born warriors, we will wait out a person of interest for as long as it takes, while sitting still and counting every molecule of breath. That characteristic is what makes an Arian “balls to the wall,” as you have said.

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    • I find myself constantly amused with my desire to avoid the confines of definitions and labels when it comes to my own self … while at the same time being drawn to things like Astrology that essentially try to define and label … then spending time in picking apart those definitions and labels! Still, though, this kind of thing holds what has proven to be the greatest allure anything can have for me – it piques my curiosity :-)

      Thank you for adding to all of this – what you wrote about loyalty and being willing to wait a person or situation out actually does fit quite well with my overall character. Thus you have managed to make a definition more refined, a label more apt, and my curiosity more intense with one stroke :-)

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      • And someone who considers that combination an actual quality, I would suggest, is just as rare :-) Most of the people I know refer to the combination as a rather frustrating trait!

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      • I find incredibly smart people to be a comfort. I feel safe around them as they know how to “think straight”. Thank you for being here. ((Warm hugs)). xo

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      • Thank you for the high compliment – someone feeling safe in my presence, even virtual presence, is about the highest compliment I could imagine – and thank you for the great conversation this morning! I intend to return the favor in your blog later; but reality requires me to keep my focus away from the computer for a while, and I’d like to look into your blog further when I have the time to really dedicate for doing so :-)

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