Nine years

As three mighty gods walked together on the strand, they found two trees and lifted them, and shaped them into humans. Odin breathed into them life and spirit, Hœnir gave them sense and sensation, and Loki gave them warmth and good hue. They then provided them with clothing and named them: the man was named Askr, and the woman was named Embla, and from them sprang the race of humans who dwell within Midgard.

– Norse creation story, taken from Gylfaginning and Voluspa

On this day, nine years ago, I began to follow through with my decision to stop abusing the breath of life given by Odin – I decided to stop smoking. It was not the first time I tried to quit; but I was determined to make it the last time. Thus far, it has been just that; and I am thankful to have had what I consider a second chance at enjoying and honoring the life I was granted.

10 responses to “Nine years

  1. I am glad you stopped smoking and am proud of you for staying with it for nine years. My uncles and grandfather stopped cold turkey at exactly the same time. Something to do with lung biopsies of smokers in a pamphlet by the Health Ministry. My grandfather later developed a lung disease but my uncles were young enough to bounce back. I wish you lots of luck and great health.

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    • Thank you for your good wishes and compliment :-) When I quit smoking, I was happily healthy enough as far as my lungs went, that the health reason for quitting was a more remote concern. I experienced a real push toward freedom on multiple levels in my life during that time, and realized that my addiction to nicotine was just another cage. In a cage is no way to live life, I think – it is no way to honor and enjoy the life I was granted. A lot of times, it’s the enjoyment factor that keeps a smoker hooked – with the realization I had regarding control and cages, the enjoyment factor for me clearly rested on the side of freeing myself from the addiction.

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  2. Congratulations – and happy “deep breath” anniversary!
    My mother used to smoke, but quit after her mother, father, and two uncles died of lung cancer in their 60s.
    Kudos – here’s to many, many, many more smoke-free years!

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    • Thank you :-) Although I’m not certain I would call cigarettes ‘evil’ – at least not from my perspective, as the willpower I needed to break their control over me gave me the confidence I needed to start reclaiming control over my life in other regards, as well. It was unfortunate that I caved and allowed myself to become addicted to them in the first place; but in the end, I am happy to have had the chance to take that bull by the horns and bring it to the ground :-)


  3. I love the breath of life and Odin reference. I quit smoking cigarettes in 2004 and never looked back…well, except for that one time…A friend of mine was smoking a clove and I love, love, love the smell of cloves so I buckled and took a drag. Except for the pleasant sweet taste on my lips, it burned my throat and lungs to the point of tears I think back to ALL the things I have smoked over the years and can’t help but cringe.

    When I was using medical m.j. I used a vaporizer and tinctures. The vaporizer never burned, but it still probably wasn’t the best thing for my throat and lungs.

    Congratulations on your continued success! Your willpower and respect for the breath of life is a reminder to us all the gift we are all given, breath after breath and every moment of our lives. ~Blessed Be!

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    • And congratulations on your success, as well – and may you continue to be successful at exerting your will over the control that those little cigarettes like to deprive us of! Thank you for sharing your experiences here :-)

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