I wonder ….

If someone abandons his beliefs, even his humanity, to get such a heavy dose of hatred that he views the efforts of his mother to rescue him as an affront to the hatred he now serves; and the desperate fear and sorrow in her eyes as he executed her before hundreds of people as an encouragement – how would someone like this perceive the horrified shock that went around the world as news of his cowardice and treachery spread? Certainly not with shame or regret. Is it possible that such a person might even see the outrage of the world around him as satisfying and fulfilling? Sadly, I suspect so.

Whoever he once was, he once had a mother who loved him enough to risk her own life to keep him safe. He was once that mother’s child. Now no more mother, no more child – I mourn the fact that the last thing this mother experienced in her life was the final destruction of her child’s humanity through an act of cowardly betrayal; yet I am happy that she is now beyond his reach, and beyond the reach of his hateful masters.

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