A year and a day upon raven wings

Yesterday, my little blog had its first birthday :-)  I was honestly quite surprised to see this … I haven’t really been keeping track of time with this blog, and I could almost wish that WordPress hadn’t reminded me (I tend to prefer timeless states, you see). But nonetheless, reminded I am; so it would seem a nostalgia-themed post is something I might permit myself, especially since it will also serve to break up the lapse in posting I have had going on recently.

My first post, titled ‘The Way is Forward,’ is something that still applies to me and this blog … every step, regardless of direction, is a step along the Way. During this blog’s first month, it seems I had something to post on most days … I have thankfully removed the pressure I felt then, a pressure I think many bloggers feel, to post as often as possible. My appetite for topics to contemplate and write about was as omnivorous as a raven’s – I even tried my hand at humor, in a story about Hugin and Munin on Noah’s Ark. I still find most topics quite interesting; but haven’t spent much time on humor lately … this might be something I need to get back to, as it seems I’ve allowed things in here to get fairly serious. In order to fly, it’s necessary to come up for air … this is simple Raven wisdom, after all :-)

I’ve really enjoyed this blog. As I’ve written in a couple of different places here, this blog is not my first. Each blog seems to have its own energy to it, and I am happy with the overall energy of this blog. I started this blog with a few pseudo-goals (I call them this because they were things I wished to see happen; but did not want to actively pursue); and a few of them have already been reached. I have thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the various authors and commenters I’ve encountered since starting this blog … I have been continuously exposed to different perspectives and opportunities to learn. I also feel like a few readers have met new authors through this blog – this was, strange as it may seem, a wish of mine as soon as the idea to start this blog popped into my head.

I’m also looking forward to this blog’s future. My recent reticence has had nothing to do with a lack of desire to blog … much has been going on in my life of late, and I’ve managed to find a way to spread myself thin and slowly gather my thoughts and energy at the same time (along with connections and obnoxiously long sentences, I’m also into paradoxes and oxymora … my first blog, for example, was called ‘Expanding Inward’ … ah, 2005, what a year that was!). I intend to keep blogging, I intend to bring this blog with me into my immediate and long-term future. As this blog’s first post suggests, I’m not giving much thought about particular directions this blog might take … direction is often a misleading distraction from the real point of life. I’m grateful for those who have taken the time to be a part of this blog, and hope you will all continue to do so … I can honestly say that this blog would not have been nearly as fun or interesting without you; nor would it be something I would look as forward to … thanks to all of you, for being a part of this experience :-)


15 responses to “A year and a day upon raven wings

  1. Happy birthday my raven!! I know what you mean by the pressure of posting in the beginning and the easing off of that same pressure to allow life to take over on occasion. I hope things are well and I look forward to your continuation as you never fail to inspire movement in my spiritual.

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    • Thank you very much, Morgan – not just for the happy wishes, but for the great compliment, as well! I will do my best to live up to this as time progresses :-)


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