What If You Had a Black Hole in Your Pocket?

A big ‘thank you’ to Jason Major from his Lights in the Dark blog, for managing to consistently post great things about astronomy … this post, however, has become a new favorite!

Lights in the Dark

What would happen if you somehow had a coin-sized black hole to play with? (Come on, you know you’ve been wondering about this.) Well, besides the fact that you’d quickly be dead (spoiler alert) a lot of things would happen—to you, to the world around you and, depending on the kind of black hole, to the entire planet. Munich-based design studio Kurzgesagt has created a handy informational video to illustrate what you can expect should you suddenly find yourself in possession of a miniature black hole*—check it out above, and find more fun info videos by Kurzgesagt here.

*Private ownership of black holes is not recommended and is possibly illegal.**

**If not it should be. Contact your representative.

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