How would the world be if ….

An exploration of religious stories from an alternate reality.

That sounds almost like science-fiction … some might consider the the exercise pointless, while others might even think it blasphemy. Some might even think it pointless blasphemy; but I think the exercise has a point; and I think wondering what if is far from blasphemous, I consider it the cornerstone to any truly robust religious perspective. But what exactly am I warming up to? Well, I’ll start with a question of my own ….

What might the Heathen world be like, if Thor had had a change of heart; and on the day he dressed as a blushing bride to Thrym, taking Freyja’s place, he said “I do?”

What images come immediately to mind? Let them sink in for a moment; then stretch your mind to imagine what ramifications on modern day Heathenry this might have had. In a way, this is similar to a post I wrote sometime ago, suggesting an exercise in switching various characters in Norse stories with Loki. In a way, it’s also related to what I wrote as a joke about Huginn and Muninn being sent to investigate Noah’s Ark and the Biblical Flood.

What might the world in general be like, if it could be proven that Jesus’ Apostles conspired to withhold from their followers a teaching of Jesus’ that was so heretical to Hebraic culture, even they could not preach it? That teaching being, say, that the woman / mother was to be venerated equally with the man / father? You could even write a Dan Brown style book about how a history teacher connects the yonic symbol of the ichthys to some obscure scroll to begin unraveling the thousands year-old conspiracy.

The reason why I think this sort of exercise is important is in the process of imagining all of these things, we actually strengthen our understanding of the effect religions have on cultures. We get the chance, in an alternate reality, to understand how our gods might have acted / reacted if … and this process gives us a greater insight into the actions and reactions of theirs that acted through the religions as they were and now are.

What if, in all early world religions, the gods were understood to be children (similar to the portrayal of the Asgardians in the film, Erik the Viking)? How would we treat our children nowadays?

What if early Egyptians did not regard their Pharaohs as gods? Would the pyramids have ever been built?

What if our religions all reflected that all the gods we’ve ever believed in worked together as a community of different families?

What if ….


Feel free to add your thoughts ....

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