Gene splitting. Or something.

I think the author of this blog post raises some valid questions and makes some valid points regarding racism encountered within some elements of modern Heathen culture. Personally, I do not feel like the gods care much for our skin color, one way or the other. They care about what’s in our hearts – and that is a matter between the individual and the god(s) in question. Hatred and fear do not discriminate by color – current world events are more than enough to demonstrate this – and neither do honor or respect. Bracing herself for flame posts, the author has given me permission to reblog her post. I would be highly surprised if readers from my blog would flame this post; but I can understand her level of preparedness just the same – this post touches on a few flashpoints within modern Heathenry. It’s for this reason that I wanted to reblog, as a gesture of solidarity with someone who has a history of making very good points in her writing.

The Tin Foil Hat Society

So.  Have been in a sort of an argument with the writer of a Folkish Asatru blog.  I think I quite upset him by saying that I don’t think you have to be white to worship the N. European Gods.  And that I would rather raise a horn with an honorable Black Man ™ than with a white guy without honor and full of hypocrisy.  Which was not aimed at him, but at the Fearless Leader of HUAR.

I also said that in America, given our history, it’s quite likely that said Black Man ™ has more than a dollop of N. European ancestry in him.  So if he wants to worship Odin, or Freyja, or whoever, I’m not going to question him on it.  Because I am an actual polytheist.  I believe the Gods have agency.  And agendas.  And they choose who they choose.  They call who they call…

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3 responses to “Gene splitting. Or something.

  1. I’m of this line of thought as well. All Gods/Goddesses call whomever They call. They don’t seem to care what kind of physical body we’re in for this lifetime, so why should anyone else? It isn’t our DNA that matters so much as our soul. That’s the most important bit. :)

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    • The difference between DNA and soul is an important point – while it could be argued that DNA does contribute to the soul’s composition, it is by far not the only thing that does so; and even still there is no valid way to argue that one set of genetics is better than, or more qualified than another. With regards to communing with the gods, I think the attempt to argue this is even more absurd. However, this is my opinion – those who see it otherwise are entitled to their own opinions, and can choose to share their religious experiences with whomever they choose. They cannot, however, play gatekeeper to the gods – this position is already well-covered in Asgard. Thus for anyone, regardless where they or their ancestors come from, who feels interested in or even called by the gods, I would say you do yourself and the god(s) who call you a great disservice to ignore the interest or calling simply because a few people can’t see past their own skin color. One doesn’t need anyone else’s blessing or approval to commune with and learn from a god.

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      • Yep. Exactly. And I think it would be rude to ignore a calling simply because you don’t share ancestry with the pantheon’s ancient worshippers. If a deity shows up at your door, you have every right to decline interaction, sure. But please don’t base your decision on your heritage or skin color. As soon as I get internet at my new house, I need to write a post about I’ve been thinking about for a while. Similar in theme to this one, but a tad different. :)

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