Better late than never

I have often been criticized by people close to me for an utter disregard for the concept of time. I contend that my concept of time is actually so advanced, it’s occurred to me that I can completely disregard it – unlike everyone else, who allow silly things like watches and calendars to dictate every moment of their lives. I guess this announcement will be somewhat along the same lines: I just read today that there are plans to do a remake of the horror cult classic from the ’90’s, The Craft. I am pretty sure I heard something about this in the past; but understood it to be a part two, rather than a remake. I’m now aware that this has been in the works for a while … yet again, I find myself arriving to the party late! I would be very interested in reader reactions to this – especially readers in this blog, who will definitely have vastly differing opinions not only about the movie, but about the story it portrays!

As for me, I’m of a mixed sort of opinion about it. I absolutely loved the original movie. I didn’t get too wrapped up in how ‘authentic’ it was – it’s a Hollywood production, after all, which I tend to regard more for entertainment merits than realism. If I had to have a real and authentic film about four witches who had it rough because of society, and expressed their magical natures in differing ways, I would have needed only to grab a camera and go follow some friends around for a few days. With witchy dramas, I find special effects and professional acting skills tend to be more entertaining; thus as I said, I really enjoyed the movie when it came out. I have read an interview or snippet of an interview from one of the actresses / consultants in the original film, Fairuza Balk, who said that she was not necessarily fond of remakes, as it’s more entertaining to do something that hasn’t already been done before. While I agree with this, I can see some merits to remakes, in some cases, if the people involved are willing to take risks that weren’t taken the first time around. I watched the remake to ‘True Grit,’ and found myself shaking my head throughout the whole movie – I couldn’t understand why they went through the effort with that movie, just to deliver the same movie with different actors and sets. The Star Trek remakes, however, are brilliant – my all-time favorite film to this day remains ‘Wrath of Khan,’ and Captain Kirk and Commander Riker were role models for me when I was growing up. They are daring to change things up, they are taking risks that weren’t taken before, and the movies and stories are great as a result.

I haven’t been able to find out which direction they plan to take with the remake of The Craft. There is a lot that they could, in theory, do now that they couldn’t do 20 years ago (gods, has it really been that long?!?). And I’m not just talking about special effects – Wicca and witchcraft back then were not as common in the media as they are now. Just looking at the different portrayals of magic between The Craft and Practical Magic shows how quickly things were moving in the media back then … and regardless what level of authenticity one might think was present in The Craft, it was on the back of this movie that films like Practical Magic, starring two very prominent actresses who both commanded impressive salaries at the time, became possible to finance and produce. It’s a challenge and a risk – if you do a film like this, you almost have to take it in different directions while still creating a tribute to the original, rather than a mere imitation. A lot of people are aware of witchcraft, and Paganism in general, in ways now that they weren’t 20 years ago (gasp!) – this alone should mean that any remake will almost have to depart from the original in some ways. I’m looking forward to at least learning in which direction this remake will be taken … it may be that the real horror of the remake will be in how pale an imitation of the original it turns out to be. Or it might take things in a different direction and be a truly enjoyable film like the original was.

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    • I have very much the same feeling … I find it lends to the excitement, as this is already a pretty big risk :-) I will probably wind up doing what I did with the new Star Wars movie, though, and wait until it is released on disk before watching it – where I live, a lot of movies are simply re-dubbed in German. I don’t mind watching a movie in German; but prefer to watch American movies in English first. Sometimes things get lost in the translation – and if the film uses actors with whom I’m already familiar, it’s even more difficult to really get into the film when different voices are used for the synchronization. Thus, it might be that I post a polite “Do Not Spoil” policy in this blog until the movie is released on disk ;-)

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