Njord’s son, Heimdall

Part three of my micro-series on personal favorite theories regarding the gods of Asgard, gleaned from reading between the lines and from personal experience, has to do with something that revealed itself to me while looking further into my relationship with Njord – a theory that has refined itself over the years but still remains true to its original hypothesis.

In studying Heathen lore, it was always something fun for me to read between the lines and come up with some of my own ideas about things. There are four major ideas of mine that I would like to share here, giving each idea its own post. They are:

The lore tells us of Njord’s famous children, Freyr and Freyja – through his sister-wife, whom I believe to be Frigg. I believe the lore also tells us of a third child, a son, who is just as celebrated as the Lord and Lady, themselves. I believe that son is Heimdall, and here is why ….

In Lokasenna, we are treated to some marvelous accusations. One of the ones I found most interesting, as it applied to the god I was developing a bond with at the time, was when Loki accused Njord of allowing the daughters of Hymir to use his mouth as a privy / chamber pot. By this point, I was used to the idea that the lore – in my opinion falsely – assigns to Njord tremendous passivity; but the notion of one among the Aesir (let alone chief among the Vanir, who survives Ragnarok) being abused this way by giants just seemed too much of a stretch, and it didn’t sit well with me. I thought it might be a good idea to look a little into Hymir’s background.

As it turns out, the lore does leave us a bit of information regarding Hymir. He is fierce – fierce enough that when in his home to retrieve a cauldron for Aegir, Thor and Tyr both consent to allowing Hymir’s wife to hide them until she’s had the chance to disarm his wrath. Later, Thor is supposed to throw a cup and break it – in a display of how hard Hymir’s head is, Thor must throw the cup against Hymir’s head instead of the wall in order to break it. Usually, Thor throws anything hard at anyone, said anyone drops – but not Hymir. Hymir also happens to have daughters – the exact number is not known; but there is a theory or two floating around that the daughters of Hymir are rivers that empty into the sea. This would explain the ‘urinating’ of the daughters into Njord’s ‘mouth’ – Njord happens to have, as his area of influence, the coast.

As I read about giants with multiple daughters, it occurred to me that there was one among the gods who was born from multiple mothers. I thought at first this was mere happenstance; but eventually, I came to realize that the lore has a lot less happenstance and a lot more purpose than I had originally thought. With Heimdall, there is a line from Thrymskvida where Heimdall is said to have the foresight common to all Vanir – this was what nudged me to more firmly believe that Heimdall might be Njord’s son. The association Georges Dumezil made to the Welsh description of the waves coming in nines, the ninth producing ‘the ram,’ and the ram associations to Heimdall also made me wonder. The ram itself may also point loosely in the direction of Hymir’s hard head; although I will admit this is quite a stretch. Other things also point in this direction, though, when considering Heimdall’s relationship to Freyja. In the etymology of his name, there is some thought that Heimdall might be related to Mardöll, another name of Freyja’s, that is also thought to relate to the sea. It is the sea from which Heimdall is said to have come, and of course there is the sea connection to Njord that leads back again to the daughters of Hymir. What interests me the most here, however, is the animosity said to have occurred between Loki and Heimdall over Loki’s theft of Freyja’s necklace. That the two gods wind up taking the forms of sea creatures to fight is of less interest to me – I find myself asking why would Heimdall do this? There are no other bits of lore suggesting a direct relationship between Heimdall and Freyja (except, of course, Loki’s accusation that Freyja slept with all the gods). So why would Heimdall feel compelled to essentially defend Freyja’s honor by winning the necklace back for her and perhaps dueling with Loki in order to win it; unless there were some sort of relationship between Heimdall and Freyja? I’m reminded of a Jeff Foxworthy ‘Redneck’ joke, “If you’ve ever climbed a water tower with a bucket of paint to defend your sister’s honor, you might be a redneck.” Was Heimdall perhaps defending his sister’s honor in going after Brisingamen? This animosity seems to hold between Heimdall and Loki, as the two are destined to face one another again at the last battle and slay each other. Wouldn’t there be others who might have an axe to grind with Loki? There are two ways I see this pairing at Ragnarok: Heimdall and Loki are anathema for one another because while the one’s purpose is to defend borders, the other’s seems to be to challenge and cross borders and boundaries; or there is something really personal between the two that we simply haven’t seen in the lore. I tend to think both are true – and I think the personal grudge has to do with Heimdall being Freyja’s brother; which would explain in part why Freyja isn’t destined to face off against Loki at Ragnarok.

There is nothing in the lore that directly points to Njord as Heimdall’s father. This idea comes from piecing several things together and reading between the lines. However, this feels right to me in every way.


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    • Something I really liked about the work you linked to (sorry I didn’t comment there – either you have comments turned off for that post, or I’m too dense at the moment to find where to start writing!), what really caught my attention was your explanation for why Heimdall is the white god – to call this brilliant would not just be a pun, but an understatement, as it makes very good use of the same effect that caused Skadi to choose Njord by his feet! I also like your drawing attention to the possible conflict Heimdall faces in reconciling his ancestry.

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      • There really is not enough focus on Njord, I’m glad that you raised that issue. I know so many people who have had UPG that Njord is the foster father to Sigyn, and with my own experiences involving him I have seen that he is often “given” people who don’t have parents.

        My ideas about Heimdal are confusing to me because Frigga knows the future of everyone and everything so that is not just a Vanir quality… But my own UPG and that of another is that the nine sisters waves are lovers with Njord. So at the very least Heimdal would kind of be like family to Freya due to all of that time as children spent together .

        And we know that the Vanir have much better relationships with Jotun women .

        What I think the main problem is with doing any of this kind of genealogy is that Snorri was trained in Latin, so he would’ve known Greek mythology and there being 12 gods. I can’t imagine that every tribe or household had the same pantheon . There’s just not that level of homogeny . There’s no reason to think that Ull has anything to do with the Aesir or the Vanir , although the names of places around his temple connect with the Vanir . But when you have a God from Frisia and a goddess from Lapmark, and you are mixing them all together , we know from doing folklore research today that people in different towns have totally different versions of the same folklore .
        So the idea that all of these goddesses and gods are somehow all related in this easy Aesir family tree like Snorri describes doesn’t make academic or common sense.

        He’s not taking into account time or place. And why would he? He’s just picking some stories to help Icelandic poetry . He doesn’t care about the religion . And his worldview would not be able to hold so many different conflicting stories.

        I am always wary of anyone who is called a son of Odin if he already was a well-established God somewhere like Forsetti.

        One thing that Snorri doesn’t seem to remember about his own culture is that it’s the mothers brother who is supposed to help a young man make his way into the world , or his father’s brother sometimes but it’s always an uncle .

        That’s important here because I was thinking about that cultural way which does not show up at all in Snorri’s writing and it would apply to Njord if he was very close to the nine wave sisters . Even if he is not Njord’s biological son , and I don’t even know if all of the gods have to come from parents , then he at least was in a foster son /nephew relationship .

        A lot of this came to me trying to figure out what Freya’s relationship with Heimdal is because it’s certainly different than the way the other Aesir treat her. Nobody else treats her like a Lady . I’ve heard the theory that the Vanir Aesir war was because Odin who is so hungry for knowledge felt he had to have Freya not in a sexual way but to get her knowledge . One thing that stands out to me is that for a “goddess of love” she isn’t treated with much love . She’s pretty isolated . So the fact that someone is called her champion means a lot obviously. It has to . No one else is even really nice to her . She doesn’t seem to interact with anybody , and even though she isn’t one of the hostages there’s a feeling of Asgard not being her first choice to me. But you can’t separate her from Ingvi Freyr.

        I think that Freya’s connection with the ocean which a lot of people sense has to do with her searching for her husband OdR, who I don’t think is Odin , since we all know where he is and just because there’s a linguistic connection that doesn’t mean they are the same especially since they act very differently and Odin wants Freya there .

        With so many of the Swedish Vikings going east to the Volga River and down to Byzantium, and so many of them being killed, taken as slaves, being stuck somewhere and starting a new life , Freya as the goddess of love is the one who is heartbroken by that same experience that so many women faced . Husbands who just don’t return . The Swedes usually went east and that’s how Freya goes , because those shores of the Baltic are covered in Amber . So Freya would have traveled all the way probably to the Volga River , if we go by where the Amber is very common on the shore .

        It’s a trip that a lot of women probably wish they could do to find their lost husband and for Freya the goddess of love to not find hers shows that her love is not necessarily sexual or romantic , she’s a very compassionate goddess, love in a much bigger sense of the word .

        She has not revealed anything besides what I wrote ( and that’s just what she told me to write , I never thought about the sun bleaching or the ocean bleaching until I wrote that so I can’t take credit ) but I keep asking her what the relationship is and so far that’s all I really know : they played together as children and because the Vanir are all about gold to me it makes sense that’s why he has gold teeth , someone must have replaced his teeth , so he has a very strong connection to Freya and she is so strongly connected with her father , who is so underrated , Njord obviously had sexual relationship with Heimdal’s nine mothers. If he is the father I don’t know yet.

        Because there is the whole hatred of Jotun. That’s part of his job , for protecting the bridge . But he seems like an odd man out , he’s not really in Asgard , he’s at his post . I read something about how he might be as old as the Norns, since his job is about the cosmology . I just don’t understand how he fits into creating the feudalistic class system as Ring. Maybe he is so involved with the structure of the society of the gods that allows him to structure the society of humans ? But I see him as a much more liminal figure , he is a boundary keeper . With having nine mothers , the ultimate number , he must have gifts from all of them , but that experience is really unusual and I sometimes wonder if that makes him even more on the edge of Asgard society . Everything about his mothers hints at a lot more power and complexity than he’s given credit for . They are the edges , and some Irish mythology to go beyond the ninth wave is to be exiled from your community literally . So his mothers also seem to possibly have something to do with a boundary of us or not us just like the bridge .

        But all of this is just things I have questions about not really answers . But I hope maybe something from it could link to something you’ve thought of . Thank you for saying it was brilliant LOL , it’s my most ignored blog post , and the only one written directly from Freya’s point of view as written by me . Freya has asked me to get the Vanir point of view and history , as much as I can , because Snorri and Heathenry have pretty much ignored them when obviously they are incredibly powerful , the Aesir tried three times to kill Gullveig Heid and couldn’t do it , that says a lot .

        Anyway! I’m really glad that my friend sent me the link to what you wrote because it’s actually something pretty common in Vanatru that belief , that also UllR, Idunna and Sif are somehow related to the Vanir as well , the part about Ull being that all around his temple are places named for him and Vanir.

        Everything is speculation and UPG at the end of the day! Thank you for writing this . And thank you for having strong feelings about the power of Njord. I also never thought about how nice his feet would be from the ocean shore walking! Cheers! ( I know this is crazy long !)

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      • I’m not going to be able to respond to everything in your comment (you had a lot to say, and I honestly hope this won’t be the last time!); but there were definitely some things you wrote that I wanted to respond to ….

        My ideas about Heimdal are confusing to me because Frigga knows the future of everyone and everything so that is not just a Vanir quality…

        Unless Frigg is a Vanir; but this is handled in a different post of mine ;-)

        So the idea that all of these goddesses and gods are somehow all related in this easy Aesir family tree like Snorri describes doesn’t make academic or common sense.
        He’s not taking into account time or place. And why would he? He’s just picking some stories to help Icelandic poetry.

        This is such a good point!

        Nobody else treats her [Freyja] like a Lady . I’ve heard the theory that the Vanir Aesir war was because Odin who is so hungry for knowledge felt he had to have Freya not in a sexual way but to get her knowledge . One thing that stands out to me is that for a “goddess of love” she isn’t treated with much love . She’s pretty isolated . So the fact that someone is called her champion means a lot obviously. It has to . No one else is even really nice to her . She doesn’t seem to interact with anybody , and even though she isn’t one of the hostages there’s a feeling of Asgard not being her first choice to me. But you can’t separate her from Ingvi Freyr.

        Well, it seems you have a liking for dropping some thunder in a blog comment! I have no active connection to Freyja; but I have gone through the lore to some extent over the years and have never once considered this point. It’s there, though, obvious and in the open for anyone to see; and I’m indebted to you for having pointed this out. The story of Freyja and her necklace was the first lore I ever read – and at the end, I actually felt irritated about the way Freyja was treated and that her necklace was stolen from her. I was not yet a teenager when I read that story and had that reaction. Over the years I have developed a strong connection to Odin; and learned pretty early into developing that connection that the Odin that I feel as a presence in my life is not necessarily the battle-mad schemer as is related to us in the lore. I think this realization, when combined with my own tendency to assume that others see what I see (keeping in mind that in Freyja I see a beautiful being for whom I have tremendous respect), caused me to gloss over the way Freyja is treated in the lore … but your point opened my eyes to the fact that at least in the lore, it really does seem like Freyja is poorly treated. And I can also think of examples I’ve encountered over the years where this perspective of Freyja has made it into the modern Heathen concept for her. This fills me with sadness; but at the same time, if my eyes were opened to it, anyone else’s eyes can be opened to it as well.

        I just don’t understand how he [Heimdall] fits into creating the feudalistic class system as Ring. Maybe he is so involved with the structure of the society of the gods that allows him to structure the society of humans ? But I see him as a much more liminal figure , he is a boundary keeper . With having nine mothers , the ultimate number , he must have gifts from all of them , but that experience is really unusual and I sometimes wonder if that makes him even more on the edge of Asgard society .

        I do not believe Heimdall and the Rig from Rigsthula are the same. The Vanir seem more focused on Nature in general; while the Aesir seem more focused on human Nature, and the Jotun seem to have a mixed sort of ambivalence and antipathy toward us and our world. The intense interest in humanity that we find in Rigsthula seems much more akin to what the lore tells us about Odin. Rigsthula, though it has wisdom in it, is a story that I do not allow myself to take literally.

        So his mothers also seem to possibly have something to do with a boundary of us or not us just like the bridge .

        But all of this is just things I have questions about not really answers . But I hope maybe something from it could link to something you’ve thought of .

        I also see Heimdall as a god concerned with boundaries. It is in this regard only that I could see him acting as Rig, in that the ‘classes’ of humanity created in Rigsthula also establish boundaries between those classes. However, again, in the end I do not see Heimdall as Rig. Since I’m not a literalist, and since I sit in the same boat as you when it comes to thinking that the lore has been told, re-told, written and re-written from region to region over time, I tend to look at my connecting the dots with the lore as a means for me to not only discover more about the lore and the gods and heroes contained within its corpus, but also as a means by which I check the pulse of how I’m relating to what I feel like the gods have to say today.

        Thank you for taking the time to leave such a long comment – and I’m happy your friend gave you the pointer to take a look at my blog :-)

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      • Thank you! Please keep writing blog posts! I don’t follow blogs I bookmarked them, that way I can read them when I feel like it . I read what you wrote about Frigga and that’s interesting because some scholars have said that all the goddesses may actually be Vanir.
        I don’t see Heimdal as Rig either , it doesn’t make sense .
        You know, I had never thought about Frigga being the one who outsmarts and stands up to Odin twice. Most people see her as the housewife which at that time was like being a CEO . But my one experience with her her eyes were not there. It was just milky white. And glowed. A friend said that probably was because I have such strong second sight, I see a side to her that other people might not. She knows everything . The connection you made with Odin’s hunger for knowledge …. I really don’t think the magical powers are focused upon by Snorri . As a Christian maybe you wouldn’t want to.

        But that does go with reports we have all the way back to the Romans that stay consistent ( until for no reason call Gullveig Heid is attacked and none of the Aesir combined can kill her – why don’t people discuss that! That makes her the most powerful . ) Germanic tribes have always believed that women have prophecy . You find it everywhere , including Protestant Germany during the witchhunts where they were the most aggressive and some towns had one woman left . The German connection between women and Magic/prophecy seems to be a deep and long one . But that aspect of Frigga is really ignored . Like some others I do feel like she has a connection to the Norns .

        I never thought about how Odin being with Frigga could come from the Vanir Aesir war. That’s really interesting idea. Most of Heathenry seems to have forgotten that the Vanir were going to win. And when the hostages were exchanged the Vanir killed Odin’s favorite and there was no breach of contract! ! ! Normally a war would start again or one of the hostages would’ve been killed . Instead we have Freyr and Njord as the official priest doing the offerings , as if nothing happened.

        This is why I find it strange when people say the Aesir are the most powerful or are the best warriors . Did we read the same story? LOL .

        The Jotun never do anything to harm humans. They show no interest whatsoever with Midgard. Which is how I experience “nature” (which is basically everything except plastic ) – I have a bacteria disease and a parasite disease and that’s nature . Somehow a lot of the UK Druidry people got this very romantic idea about nature in their heads which makes me think that they’ve never worked on a farm or been homeless when it’s below freezing . Nature to me is a kind of monist situation , the self-regulating all . But it’s not emotional . Like the giants it doesn’t concern itself with “what would humans like ?” It’s not humancentric and the gods definitely have a lot going on in their lives but they are much more humancentric .

        Ancient pagans were not environmentalists, the invasions of Ireland book reads like the clearcutting of Ireland . However they didn’t have the idea that they had dominion over the land , so they sided with Gods who could help them . Now of course it’s completely imbalanced and I think that’s one reason the Jotun are contacting more pagans for help and understanding. The more that humans try to control these wild forces the worse we make it , fracking causing earthquakes for example . As Loki is the change agent in almost every story (without him it would be very boring to read ) and he is Odin’s blood brother and I find them to be two sides of the same coin as tricksters, no wonder he’s coming back to people. We need a change agent right now who always makes things better by first doing something foolish. Loki is the one in the story who somehow by accident finds a way for humans to live without nuclear or fossil fuel energy. ( like we almost always have lived? )
        I consider the story to be still continuing ( or this would be a pointless religion ). Please keep writing about all of this! I love hearing about Njord, he’s completely underrated. Cheers!

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      • Wow – again some really good points, enough that it’s not easy to decide where to begin! Since I don’t have a lot of time at the moment, I’m going to hold off on responding to the main body of your comment until later. There is one point you made, though, that I think I would like to highlight right now and add a few thoughts to it:

        This is why I find it strange when people say the Aesir are the most powerful or are the best warriors .

        I think underestimating any god is a dangerous sort of thing – and insulting gods even more so (this is part of the reason why, despite the lore, mainstream perception, and my own focus on Odin and other gods, I refuse to judge or insult Loki). I think it’s important to keep in mind that the stories we have from the gods – when they are not simply invented or modified to suit a different sort of agenda – come to us through our own filters. Those filters are based on our experiences and perceptions. Maybe war was / is the best way to describe the reconciliation of Vanir and Aesir – maybe it was then or maybe it wasn’t – but does it have to be now? Just because our lore says Odin is blood-mad and Njord a passive whimp, that Freyja’s a wanton and Loki’s as evil as evil gets does not mean that they see themselves or each other as such. Perhaps they may reveal themselves to us this way, if they understand that it is in such ways that our minds can best comprehend the messages they wish to convey … but our perception of the gods does not change the gods, themselves. In my own perception, none of the gods (either by tribe or as individual) is better than another – each has their own wisdom to impart. For those who would instead prefer to engage in saying one god (or one tribe of gods) is greater than another … I guess that is what they need to see. I still consider it dangerously disrespectful to judge and act without being fully informed; but this is a matter between them and the gods, as I feel that the gods are certainly capable of deciding for themselves how to respond to such things.

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      • As someone who has very different relationships with many different gods and goddesses , I find they are incredibly multifaceted just like humans and they have purposes far beyond human understanding . Like with human beings everyone has a different relationship with a god or goddess.

        Personally I think that Loki is Odin’s best friend, blood brother and that Odin is a trickster just like Loki is . But Loki is the fall guy , he’ll do anything for Odin . Because Odin knows that Ragnarok will happen he had to send his favorite and best son to hell where he would be safe and able to come back with Nanna. Nobody in Valhalla survives, none of those warriors. That leads me to believe that we will not need those kind of warriors in the future. And that the Aesir, , the gods who areculture makers of humans with the laws and the cast system , will now be led by someone who spent centuries with the everyday people who are dead , hearing how the royal and warrior classes screwed them all over , how they were really harmed by war and by the feudal system created by the Aesir . Baldur and Nanna will return as very different leaders of how human culture works because of such extensive knowledge of what it’s like to be a “nobody” human being that they will never forget.

        To make that happen somebody had to make sure balder died . The way that they say Judus loves Jesus more than any other disciple, so he was the one who Jesus could trust to” betray” him to make sure that he was crucified at the right time, that is to me what Loki is for Odin. The scapegoat but also the one who make sure that everything happens. How many stories are there where there is any change whatsoever without Loki?

        The gods are neutral forces , Loki is fire, fire transforms food and metal and devours . We make bonfires for the holidays , we make offerings into fire , fire is very dangerous , but unlike some mythologies the gods did not hide it from us. They’ve trusted us with Loki from the beginning .

        Anyway I see the only difference between Odin and Loki as being that Odin and his trickery , which I have a lot of problems with, just personally I don’t like that kind of character , is sanctioned ” for the good ” which a lot of governments do. It’s only bad when it’s the other guy. Loki unfortunately is the other guy even though he is the one responsible for all of the greatest treasures of the Aesir . His “monster” children did nothing to harm anyone , the world snake protects the edges and tells us when we are going to far and we are not ready so I honor him quite a lot as a sacred limitation , the Wolf just got big. He didn’t do anything to anyone. And Hela? She shows her scary side to the living because the living are not supposed to be hanging out with the dead . But she is incredibly compassionate and wonderful to those who are dead . But Indo-European religion makes it really clear that the dead and the living have to stay separate . It’s really tricky when you mess with that , you get ghosts or vampires if you don’t have the proper psychopomp ceremonies . And there is great sickness when a part of someone goes to the world of the dead and is trapped there. How much folk magic is dedicated to keeping the dead in the realm of the dead ?

        Freya has asked me to write about the Vanir throughout history to balance things . I read on a blog that all of the Vanir were killed in the war ! Then who took the hostages and returned one of them dead? And why does it say that they are unharmed in Ragnarok? But this is a real problem , the Vanir are very rarely included in Heathenry . A lot of that is because instead of focusing on when the religion was “pure” and in Germany , it was founded on the Viking era . And the writing of a Christian with a Christian worldview choosing stories that he probably has wrong so Podawitz will understand how to continue writing the poetry and he even says this religion is bad . That’s the main source?

        So I don’t really care about Snorri’s work because the Christian good versus evil mentality never existed for pagans. Also he needed duality , Aesir versus Jotun. Well, that’s not our religion. We have three tribes of gods. And they don’t always get along . That’s just not something a Christian would’ve been able to understand . Also stories for farmers (the Vanir ) wouldn’t be on the mind of a scholar interested in making sure that Iceland is connected to the royalty of Norway as opposed to the Scottish Vikings like my family who left Norway when it became united under Harald.

        I believe that the theory that the Giants are the gods of the hunter gatherer people indigenous to Europe , the Vanier were the gods for the first wave of Indo-European farmers being earth based , and as the migrations caused overpopulation the Aesir were the gods for the later wave of Indo-Europeans who were sky focused and Warriors . The war between different tribes of gods probably mimicked the cultures . Those indigenous Europeans gave us the word for slave , wife , so that helps us understand what role they played . The Vanir people would’ve had peace and prosperity because there wasn’t overpopulation and war for land . The Anglo-Saxons etc. had to go to England when they lost their land in war , the Danes had to go to England when they lost their best farmland when the ocean rose , these are not normally warrior people anymore then everyone else , as far as the society structure, but the main thing was food production as always. These are Pastoral fisher farming people.

        History is written by who is left for who has the power. Snorri wasn’t part of any of these tribes but he definitely knew his Greek mythology like any Christian who read Latin , there are 12 gods?

        I’m far more interested in the bioregional time specific different tribal Germanic paganisms. It’s plural because every tribe has their own paganism , affected by the bioregion and the ancestral history. The idea that this pantheon of Snorri’s existed ever I don’t believe.

        Ull was obviously an incredibly important God judging by his temple and a very ancient one using the technology of the Saami in an area where the land and towns is named after Vanir Gods. Yet he is somehow Odin’s son? No way. It was a tribe who put him first . Odin did not exist to all the different German people.

        Fire, wolves, snakes, death, drowning – those are things that are the most basic fears when living in Scandinavia as hunter gatherers . Loki, Fernis, world snake, Hela, Ran. Are wolves evil? No, not until Zoroaster created a religion of duality and then Christianity ran with it . Is death evil, is the fact that humans drown evil? Are snakes evil? Not until you are Christian. Then everything that isn’t somehow connected to the Christian God is evil . And the sexuality of the Vanir as fertility gods and goddesses? Definitely evil . The magic of women like Gullveig Heid? Major evil in the eyes of a medieval Christian. Do we want a world with no fire whatsoever? Pagans understand plurality, duality doesn’t exist. We have to look at what we know through the eyes of pagans. Order is important because how else are you going to have seasons with food ? How else are you going to have people doing the work that needs to happen? But chaos is not totally bad , without some change everything stagnates. Loki is the only one who brings new technology and right now we need new technology to replace nuclear and fossil fuel . Loki brought so many wonderful gifts , we need that again. We don’t want things to continue the way that they are going . At least I don’t, I want Innovacion and better infrastructures that suit the world that we are in today , not 1000 years ago .

        The gods and goddesses grow and change with the world and with us. Somebody who lives as much in the Germanic pagan worldview and the actual way of life and honors the gods and goddesses as if their life depends on it ( unlike Heathenry that is rather atheist and is built on trying to revive feudalistic community structures and clothing ) , those people who have dedicated themselves completely to a god or goddess , they are having the same messages come and they don’t match what Snorri says and why would they? If this is a living religion and then my gods and goddesses are here with me now. The more people who are actually devotional and have based their life on a relationship with a god or goddess (or several) are bringing information that corresponds with what total strangers are also getting . I’m one of those people who got information that could never be proved I thought until an acquaintance showed my information from my ancestors in Northern Wales who are pagan obviously to somebody who lives there and has recorded the same stuff coming to them from the land. In exact same detail! We even use the same name for this goddess. If the tribe is bioregion and the ancestors , she and I were able to verify what she got from the bioregion and what I got from the ancestors.

        Those kind of peer collaborated things are happening as the gods are allowed back in our lives , living and as powerful as we say they are . A lot of pagans it is lipservice , the idea of how powerful and real the gods and goddesses are. But when you actually get to where they are acting like they used to with their followers , which we finally have enough devoted pagans who have dedicated at least 20 years to understanding and have chosen to live with actual faith and trust , the stuff that Snorri said or anything else doesn’t seem as important , parts of the mythology that were lost are coming back, possibly because of ancestor veneration, asking the people who really know the religion to tell us ” what is this religion? ” and it’s going to be different from different times in different places – and because orthodoxy was more important than dogma the understanding is very different from ancestor to ancestor. It wasn’t what you thought, it was what you did that made you someone in that tribe which included the religion .

        Now we are at a time where the wild forces of nature have been completely tampered with by global warming and climate chaos , 200 species go extinct every day , there are dead parts of the ocean and there are growing deserts where once there grew food, constant flooding and wildfires , all of these bizarre illnesses like fibromyalgia and autism on the rise so much , genetically modified food. Mountaintop removal ! The Jotun are no longer to be feared , they are to be protected . They always were honored , and they are coming back in a big way, Loki seems to have the most followers right now and I’m finally understanding why. There is no more wilderness. Every human has 300 chemicals in their body that didn’t exist 100 years ago.

        This is the stuff that today gods and goddesses want human accountability about. Anybody who claims to honor the Vanir has to do stuff to support local organic farmers , small farmers , the number one reason of death for farmers worldwide is suicide. For Njord if we honor him we have to honor the ocean , and right now it’s not safe to eat most seafood due to mercury. Thor was always for the common farmer so again where are the heathens? In this century ? Or are they thinking that the religion is a museum relic? Odin as the frenzy of the storm , as the one hungry for knowledge , as the morally ambiguous leader to behind it all has some sort of plan , if he gave life to humans with breath then obviously the all father would want us to continue living , so we need to call on him for solutions that haven’t been invented yet . And then we need to actually show our faith and do it. The old ways don’t apply and the ways we have today are not working . One in 100 Americans are in prison. One in three women and one in five men in the United States experience sexualized violence. One in five children in the United States is hungry. Over 50% of Americans have chronic illnesses.

        These are things that today the gods and goddesses are about. In the United States one in 50 children has autism (although I don’t trust the way they get that information , because a lot of schools are having to diagnose children as autistic to get funding), Frigga, that would be a major thing that she should care about so why don’t her followers? What time period are we living in?

        So as we look at things differently from the past and we reunderstand paganisms and we make the gods and goddesses the core focus of our lives like pagans always did , we will learn mythology that Snorri never wrote down and we will learn things that help us to understand the odd bits and pieces of things recorded while at the same time as we know our gods and goddesses better we will have to be moved to do actions of which they approve and need done in the world. What we say we spiritually believe doesn’t matter , if someone was watching my life would they know I was an animist and would they know I was devoted to the Vanir? What about what I do tells people who I am ?

        My devotion to the Vanir has nothing to do with the Aesir or the Joten being less than the Aesir , or the Jotun – the Vanir were the only ones who married the Jotun, Odin tricks them and rapes them and impregnates them but never is a husband , never loving . So the Jotun are part of my family spiritually like Gerda . I believe Vanatru is happening because of how neglected the Vanir are in the Lore and what low opinions most heathens have of them.

        It’s about balance , just like Jotuntru is coming so strongly to people here. We’re getting things into harmony , a kind of pagan harmony and that a dualistic Christian like Snorri could never imagine . And it’s a living religion happening within me right now and it’s so exciting to be part of . The gods walk among us again . And religion is focusing on what they tell us as opposed to a book . those who study the Lore and the historical context and the food and all the rest eventually make the jump to the gods are literally in our faces.

        And everybody who has ever met Freya has a different relationship with her than I do but there are so many similarities in the actual values of Freya . What she cares about . But in her wisdom she talks to all of us differently , knowing what we need and also the best way that we learn . She told me to have nothing to do with the Aesir, and years of that has led to me being able to appreciate the two other tribes from a very different point of view and then I would’ve had before. Because it forced me to remove the Snorri goggles !

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      • Something else struck me about your comment …

        But my one experience with her her eyes were not there. It was just milky white. And glowed. A friend said that probably was because I have such strong second sight, I see a side to her that other people might not.

        Could her eyes have been turned inward? Could this also explain some of her knowledge, with regards to what we talked about when it comes to Odin questing (going outward) for knowledge, while Frigg seems to simply ‘know’ (which would seem to mean the knowledge was already within her)?

        ***Edited to add: Perhaps my theory about Odin’s sacrificed eye might also add to this line of thinking?

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      • Yes actually this makes sense! Her eyes had that milky film that sometimes people have when they are blind , but I couldn’t see anything but the milky film and there was a glow but I don’t think others could see that.

        The feeling around her was much more unapproachable and intimidating because it felt like she wasn’t really with us because she was with everything , does that make sense? Like she is more cosmic , she is seeing everything that will happen. Everything is a lot. I know from my own work as a psychic how there is a disconnect from me in my body here right now and when I am with a client /friend . For her it must be gigantic! How can you see absolutely everything that will happen and carry a normal conversation?

        This would make sense why Odin would marry her. He is hunger , hunger for knowledge , she is knowing . He will never have what she has . But he will always want her . The fact that she cannot tell anyone must drive him crazy but isn’t that the way many people are with love? The one who is hardest to get , the one who doesn’t play your game , the one who has what you don’t is the one that many people can spend their lives with? Because they never get bored ?

        She definitely has a connection to the well of Wyrd. But is not a Norn. I’m wondering more about that idea that the goddesses are not Aesir in general. Because it is a patriarchal family system they become Aesir by marriage . Sif’s name literally means ” a relative ” and is where we get sibling , but it’s more implied that it’s family by marriage . Since the children of Odin who have mothers who were giants are considered Aesir because it is patrilocal then none of their wives needbe Aesir from birth.

        I think this theory comes from how the goddesses as far as we know survive Ragnarok just like Vanaheim . That’s actually how Freya got me after decades : did I want to know how to survive Ragnarok which is happening , it started at the latest World War I and I think will go on for 200 more years , the description is too much like a nuclear winter – however it’s also like a volcano over Iceland . Which we recently had . Freya told me that the people who know how to make themselves indigenous the way that those who worship the Vanir did when they came to Scandinavia / the low countries / Germany . If you know how to live correctly in that bioregion then you have food . She said that’s why none of the Vanir die aside from Freyr but he made his choice, he is a sacrificial God , so it probably wasn’t even a choice.

        Frig is definitely underrated in all of the stories . I think it is because her “adventure” is inside of her. It’s not something Icelandic Christians would find a great warrior story for their heritage. However because we have information throughout all of the recorded German encounters that Germanic women are all prophetesses , and some of them even reached the level of being considered divinity , Frigg embodies that. Just like Gullveig Heid . The fact that Frigg can’t do anything with her magic is what always fascinated me. Well, she did try to protect Balder, but with the fatalistic German worldview at that time , what I don’t think people recognize in the story because they’re looking at the details is that if something is somebody’s wyrd, you can’t stop it even if you can see it. It’s a really big Germanic theme that seem to have gotten lost in the details of the story , which talk about something else.

        Wyrd we can’t change, it’s laid down by the past like the fact that right now we have all of this nuclear waste . We were born into that . We can’t make that cannot be true. It’s part of the collective wyrd. This is a very toxic planet and so I have multiple chemical sensitivity ( which Germany really does recognize probably because of how toxic it is there from world war two bombings and from the Soviet pollution etc. ) that is something that can’t be prevented because of what was set into motion in the past.

        Orlog is the stuff we can change , what I call the wiggle room . Even though there might be a groove made from wyrd, we can use this power to change it , like when somebody breaks the pattern in the family or when a generation breaks the pattern of the nation , I think probably Marxism and Martin Luther wore the last two who collectively change things in Europe/United States . But Gandhi changed India /England and Martin Luther King Jr. changed the United States . They somehow were able to harness a lot of other people’s orlog and change the Wyrd. The Berlin wall coming down. Medicinal marijuana . Rape being illegal in France in 1980. Germany being the most green of all the European nations .

        No matter what Frigg wanted as a mother, as a prophetess she should have known there was nothing she could do. German fatalism is often discussed , without understanding the idea that the future is created by the past and right now is the futures past. So we have wiggle room right now that changes the future, it isn’t like karma which seems more fatalistic.

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      • I like to keep the weaving association in mind with regards to Wyrd and Orlog. There is a loom, the structure of which can only be changed by someone possessing the proper degree of skill and material. This excludes many. But what we all can directly influence is what gets woven within the loom … the colors, the patterns and size. We can choose to weave skillfully and with an eye to detail, or in a slip-shod fashion – these things are based on our choices, which are arguably one of the few things in this Universe we can rightfully claim belong to us.

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  1. Freya Aswin (sp?) thought Heimdall might be Freyja’s uncle, since he seems to be in a position of guardianship for her.

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    • I was probably one of the few Heathens 15 years ago who had never read any of her works – I’m pretty sure I encountered Freya Aswynn a few times in a forum in the early 2000’s, but that would be the limit of my familiarity with her or her work. If she is the one I encountered back then, it might be high time for me to start looking into some of her work – she struck me as competent and passionate about what she was doing.

      Heimdall as Freyja’s uncle would be interesting. As long as one accepts Freyja’s parentage as coming from Njord and his sister (which I do), it would mean that Njord and his sister-wife (whom I believe to be Frigg) had a brother. Not necessarily a triplet – but still another sibling. That is not something I could corroborate, either from the lore or from my own experience with Njord; but I also wouldn’t try to discount it, especially since my own theory has Freyr and Freyja as the divine twins who happen to have a half-brother.

      Would you be willing to point me to some of Aswynn’s works that deal with this possibility?

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      • I have her book titled Northern Mysteries & Magick: Runes, Gods, and Feminine Powers. It’s the second edition of her book Leaves of Yggdrasil. It was the first book I encountered that dealt with runes or with heathenry in fact, and it is a great resource. I bought it in early 2001 and it’s remained a ‘go to’ book for me. The CD with the chants, that comes with the book, has been played (sort of ) exactly once. Because I hated it. Thank the Gods for Wardruna is all I have to say about that :)

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      • Thank you – I will check into this as soon as I’m done with the current series of books I’m reading (I have two and a half books left) :-) I had a peek at Wardruna’s site (this isn’t the first time I have encountered their name, just the first time I actually checked into their work, lol) and was impressed – I will be checking into them a bit more thoroughly in the very near future … thank you for providing me the recommendation that caused me to go check them out!


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