The BossHoss

In a comment to my Covers post, Heather Awen wrote that she was surprised when people knew of a German band called The BossHoss. I take it for granted, because I think everyone who lives in Germany has at least a passing familiarity with this band from Berlin. But as I thought about it, I realized that this band, like other good bands from Germany and other countries, might not have yet found their way to more global audiences. It occurred to me a few minutes ago that although the readership for my blog is not large, it is actually quite global (a combination I am very happy with!) … so I thought I would post a few more music videos here and give people around the world a taste of a band that is not shy about mixing musical genres under a sort of Texas-Biker-Punk-Cowboy-from-Berlin style. Fair warning: for a first dose, I think you either like this band or you don’t; but be careful if you don’t like them, because they do start to grow on you after a while – I speak from experience ;-)¬† Depending on your work environment, these songs / videos may not be ideal to play while on the clock.

I Like It Like That

Last Day

Dos Bros

… and my personal favorite, My Personal Song

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