A question about US politics

Since the beginning of the Democrats’ national convention in the US, I have read a fair amount about the disruptions caused by angry supporters of Bernie Sanders. My question, then, is why are only the Sanders supporters angry? Yes, Clinton supporters got the candidate they voted for; but they got her under a rigged contest. Why isn’t every Democrat in the country outraged at an overt manipulation of its democracy? One that enables leaders of corrupt countries to say, “See, they call us corrupt, but their democracy isn’t so clean, either!” I don’t see why the emphasis is on the Russians – while they might have hacked a server and exposed a rigged system, they didn’t rig the system.

Bernie Sanders fans wanted change in the government and the economy – they by and large seem to have wanted more fairness in the whole system. Instead they got a rigged system, more unfair than previously thought; their candidate, a symbol for the fairness they were hoping for, stood on a stage and endorsed a candidate who was not fairly elected, while distancing himself from his supporters because they weren’t willing to stand down? I can understand both their outrage and their desire to disrupt an unfair process through peaceful (if loud) protest. What I do not understand is why they seem to stand alone. Anyone who loves democracy, as well as any politician who claims to champion it, should be protesting this entire election. 


2 responses to “A question about US politics

  1. Bernie Sanders got what he wanted during the DNC, which is why he supported Hillary.

    The only people who think that the system is rigged are those who blindly believe in baseless conspiracy theories.

    The people who hate Hillary do so, for whatever reason they can think of, and those reasons defy logic. Those same people refuse to repudiate Donald’s complete list of inhuman qualities: racism, xenophobia, malignant narcissim, a complete break with reality, the fact that he wants to bone his own daughter, his sheer hypocrisy about everything under the sun, et cetera, ad nauseum, ad infinitum…

    If you’re not a US citizen, then attempting to explain this entire fuster-cluck is far beyond my abilities – especially when one won’t listen to what I have to say because of some personal issue with what I say, or how I say it.
    Besides, I hate talking about politics anyway.

    Oh, look! A squirrel!
    *runs outside*


    • Perhaps I misunderstood what you wrote – I would like to clarify, because at first and second glance, it seems like you are saying I blindly believe in conspiracy theories, because I believe the system was rigged?

      Is it not also possible from your perspective to disagree or even dislike Clinton, and repudiate racism, xenophobia, malignant narcissism, hypocrisy and incest? I ask this because I personally don’t trust Clinton very much; yet other than incest, I’m fairly certain I have at least one post in this blog, for each point, that speaks against these sorts of things.

      Also, from your writing, it wasn’t clear to me whether or not you were implying that I wouldn’t listen to what you have to say because I have some sort of problem with what you say or how you say it? Whether or not you feel this is the case, I think this reply should demonstrate that you have my undivided attention. If you would like to drop the subject completely, I fully understand – despite your having voluntarily commented to this post about politics, I’m cognizant of your having closed your comment by saying you don’t like to talk about politics. If you want to respond, though, I would like to have these things clarified by you. If you don’t feel comfortable responding here, or if you feel like you can’t respond without making further use of one of the English language’s most versatile expletives, you can always try email.


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