Free will in paradise

This was something that crossed my mind earlier, and I haven’t really made any progress with it – I thought I’d post it here and see if any of you readers have any thoughts about it …

My question revolves around free will and what happens to it when we pass from this world. Regarding the Abrahamic faiths, free will is a gift from their god. Does this free will still exist, when a soul finds its way into their paradise? I could understand the argument, that for example, ‘good’ Christians gain entry to this paradise as a result of having exercised their free will to choose to serve their god … except, once their devil is defeated and their hell exists no more, what happens when a soul in this paradise would choose to do something different? To me, this indirectly supports the idea that free will is removed from a soul upon entering the Abrahamic paradise. Is this what makes this paradise so blissful, then? That a soul entering it would no longer be capable of wanting to do something other than what this god commands?

To what extent do Pagan notions of paradise differ from this? To what extent do we retain our free will, as we leave this material world? Since there are Pagans from many different walks who read this blog, along with a few Christians and generally spiritual people, I would be interested in a good discussion of this topic ….


2 responses to “Free will in paradise

  1. Yeah, what if you choose something not aligned with the Abrahamic ideals once you’re in that paradise? Do you get the boot and restart the whole hell thing? I never thought about that. I don’t have to worry about it, being pagan. I’m in the reincarnation camp. I think that even in between incarnations we’re free to decide. But I know nothing for certain. I could be wrong. 😜

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