A film suggestion

With all the great film franchises retracing their roots to the beginning, rebooting, revamping and re-everything, I find myself wondering what a film might be like, if it focused on Odin … from his birth, on up to at least his sacrifice on Yggdrasil. Most of the Heathens I’ve encountered never spend a lot of time wondering about Odin’s youth – and I can understand why, since we only hear about Odin as the Allfather. And like with so many of our fathers, it’s sometimes difficult to ever imagine that they were once kids, themselves. I’m still fairly certain at times that my father simply materialized from a world of strict rules, where smiles are only allowed if you are chewing on a rock; but I digress ….

Odin had a childhood. While Buri, his grandfather, was licked out of the rime by Audhumla and thus freed, Odin’s father’s name, Borr, means ‘born.’ Odin and his two brothers are the offspring of Borr and Bestla, a giantess. Odin’s children are also born, not simply materialized. Therefore, it’s a safe assumption that Odin was born as a child to his parents. What was he like as a child? How did he grow and develop, participating in his father’s war against his mother’s kin – his kin? What drove him to become chief among the Aesir, to sacrice his eye, his life, for the constant search for more to know and learn? What elevated him above his brothers? When was Asgard built? Was this the work of his father, or did Odin create Asgard?

These are all questions a film could attempt to explore. Correct answers aren’t possible – the lore simply doesn’t support answers to these questions. But a film can do something completely different here ….

I wish all of you a great weekend!


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