Recently ….

So I’m back, and have posted next to nothing – typical! This isn’t for a lack of things to say, so much as a lack of time and space in which to compose my thoughts and write them down. I have been fascinated by the news reports lately … I look at the ‘POTUS’ and think to myself, Marty McFly must have done something horribly wrong, because Biff is in the White House! But that’s how life goes sometimes … comedy, drama, suspense, and in modern times, apparently all uploaded to Twitter in the dark hours of the morning!

I also decided to add a contact page to this blog – for me, it’s better than posting my Email address and I’m happy to see that WordPress has made this option available for us bloggers!

I hope Ostara went well for all you readers, and hope the emerging Spring will allow some fertile sanity to grow amidst the madness that seems to have overrun our society!


6 responses to “Recently ….

  1. I am so excited to have stumbled across you again. I’ve been considering starting a blog again, but haven’t made up my mind. I think I would find myself in a similar predicament – lots to say but no time in which to say it.

    And you have mail. :)

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    • Kay!! It’s good to see you in the blogosphere again :D Welcome to my blog and I hope you will make yourself comfortable here and stay a good, long while!

      Mail will be heading your way soon, too :)

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      • I’m canceling my hosting with bluehost. Too many server issues. So in the meantime I will be visiting here, but my blog will be gone already. If I start up again I will stick with wordpress directly.


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