[ Odin ]

Something I have felt was missing in this blog for a long time is a page dedicated to the god who has influenced so much of my life. While all the gods I’ve worked with, worked for, and otherwise interacted with have influenced my life, Odin has been with me from the beginning and is the god I identify with most. My experiences and impressions regarding Odin are a little different from what is so often written about him – I feel like even many of his most ardent, modern followers rely too heavily on Snorri. While the Eddas and Sagas are of vital importance, to assume that Odin hasn’t changed – or to assume that what was written was fact, and not either belief or a record of the beliefs of others through the filter of still other beliefs – is folly in my opinion. Why gain all the knowledge and wisdom he can, just to remain static and unchanged?

From time to time, I will write something in this blog that I feel is relevant to anyone trying to understand Odin from my perspective. Those things I will link to from this page, in no particular order. I’m always open to questions or comments ;)

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The manipulation of divine personallities