Wearing the runes

My girlfriend and I, a few months ago, started talking about the runes. I explained to her that although I’d spent time studying and working with the runes, I never really felt connected to them. This was ten years ago … then I basically stopped working with them outright and after a while, started thinking about tarot cards. We talked about some of what I had written about the runes a decade ago, and she had a suggestion, something she has been doing to help her connect to the runes: wear them …. Continue reading


Does a rune by any other name ….

Part four of my little series of personal theories regarding Heathen lore. This is my most recent of the four theories, coming together while branching out a bit into different means of divination just this year. While the previous three theories of mine are already sort of ‘out there,’ this fourth one kind of passes them by as it flies out into the ether of possibility.

In studying Heathen lore, it was always something fun for me to read between the lines and come up with some of my own ideas about things. There are four major ideas of mine that I would like to share here, giving each idea its own post. They are:

Over the years, when I would think of the runes, I didn’t have to strain my imagination too hard to picture the set I made for myself when I first set out to learn the runes and work with them. They are carved from a branch of corkscrew hazel, and kept in a pouch I found once while in Denmark. This set was blooded, and has been worked with numerous times. Although I can work with them, I have honestly never felt truly connected to them. Continue reading

[ Runes ] – my new page, my new blog

Secrets. That is what ‘rune’ means, they are secrets. Another word for ‘secret,’ however – and one I prefer to use when contemplating runes – is ‘mysteries.’ Secrets are things that are at their most powerful and profound when they are kept, not shared. Mysteries, on the other hand, tend to increase in profoundness the more they are studied and contemplated. Sharing in the contemplation of mysteries helps us to shed light on them from multiple perspectives, allowing us to admire the mystery even more.

Stormwise Runes is an ongoing example of how I most often work with the runes. I’m posting it as a means by which others might draw some inspiration in their own runic practice. Please feel welcome to visit and comment!