A question (or two (or more))

Because my mind seems unable to resist such lines of thinking ….

If Odin were to live in any country in the world right now, which would you suppose he’d want to live in? Where do you think he might either fit in best or stand out and make a new name for himself?

What about Thor? Or Loki? Or any other god, from any other pantheon?

Because I see Odin a little differently than how he is often portrayed in the lore and even in mainstream Heathenry, I could seriously see him still somewhere in Scandinvia – or in Switzerland. The reason for this is simple: science. My experience of Odin is that he is very much about acquisition of new knowledge. While the US and China put more money into scientific research than any other country, the Norwegians put more money per citizen into this than any other country in the world; thus I think the Norwegian spirit and priority when it comes to learning and understanding science and technology is something Odin would still feel very much at home with. I suggest Switzerland mainly because of CERN and the Large Hadron Collider … I could see this being something Odin would be keenly interested in, unlocking a secret of the Universe or two! Where I could see him living if he were interested in making a new name for himself would be Japan … I’d love to see what a god like Odin would do with a growing interest in Bushido :)