Between science and religion

I just finished reading an article, published on the Huffington Post US Edition, discussing a recent scientific study that suggests our faith and our reason are located in different portions of our brains. The article suggests that this study supports the idea that in order to experience either faith or reason, we must first suspend the other. I’m excited by this article for a few reasons, first and foremost among them being that I am generally pleased when modern science treats faith as something other than an unfortunate mental condition!

Another reason why this excites me is because it (the supposed ‘conflict’ between science and religion / spirituality) is a topic that I went to great lengths to discuss in my essay, On Relative Being. This essay introduces a meta-religion of my own creation that, among other things, bridges the gap between science and religion. Relative Being incorporates both belief and reason as a part of the same experience, while providing a history on where this supposed schism came from. It is on this ground that I disagree with the point raised by the Huffington Post article, that the different perceptions of experience being housed in different parts of the brain in some way lend validity to the separation of these two ways of perceiving the Universe: different regions of one brain are still parts of the same brain. We can experience belief and reason simultaneously.


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